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You can use any SAE certified Transmission Fluid in your 1998 Ford Escort manual transmission. Make sure the transmission fluid is for your manual transmission and not an automatic transmission.

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2014-07-09 18:48:28
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Q: What kind of fluid does a 98 ford escort manual transmission take?
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Where do you add transmission fluid in 1991 Ford Escort?

is it an automatic, or manual shift?

How would one change the transmission fluid on a manual 1998 ford escort zx2?

To change the transmission fluid on the manual 1998 Ford Escort ZX2, drain the fluid from the drain hole near the speed sensor. Then refill the fluid using the plug in the side of the transmission.

1989 Ford Escort gt type manual transmission oil?

Mercon automatic transmission fluid.

Where is the transmission fluid dipstick located on a ford escort 5 speed?

A manual transmission doesn't have a dipstick

What type of fluid goes in a 1997 ford escort manual transmission?

According to the 1997 Ford Escort Owner Guide both the automatic and manual transaxles ( transmissions ) take Motorcraft MERCON multi - purpose automatic transmission fluid

What type of automatic fluid does a 1999 escort use?

Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid in the automatic and manual transaxles according to the 1999 Ford Escort owners manual

Transmission fluid Ford Escort?

Both the manual and automatic transmissions take Mercon ATF.

How do i fill my 91 escort gt manual transmission with fluid?

The manual transmission on a 91 Ford Escort GT is filled with fluid by gently depressing the clutch with the engine off. Fluid is added to the reservoir until the level stops going down.

Where do you add manual transmission fluid for a 2000 Ford Escort?

you need to pull the speed senser. then add it to that

How do you refill a manual transmission on a 1995 ford escort?

If you have the 1.9L, you have to take the speedo cable assembly out and there will be the hole to fill your transmission fluid

What fluid is used in a 1996 Ford manual transmission?

You can use any SAE certified manual transmission fluid in your 1996 Ford manual transmission. Make sure you use manual transmission fluid and not automatic transmission fluid.

What type of fluid does an 5spd manual shift transmission for a 1995 Ford Escort Lx require?


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