What kind of food did the Kwakiutl Indians Eat?


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They ate fish, whales, deer, berries, otters, birds, roots, and seals.

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The Kwakiutl Indians ate several different types of food. They ate berries, fish, deer, small game, seaweed, and various shellfish.

Kwakiutl Indians eat fish, deer, and moose. They lived on the pacific northwest coast. They also eat crops

The Kwakiutl Indians eat deer, moose, beaver, otter, whales, rabbits, black ears, grizzly bears, wild goats, berries and salmon, shellfish, and scallops.

they eat food lik samol

The Calusa Indians ate fish and oysters

What kind of Indians. If you mean NATIVE AMERICANS than they eat corn and grown food and buffalo. But if you are referring to actual Indians than they eat spicy food.

Lentils and rice. Indian food

Indians have curry, rice.

The Hatteras Indians eat corn, fish,bafalo meat, and deer meat

pomo indians ate acorn mush soup

Salmon,trout and clams - both plentiful in the Pacific Northwest.

The Karankawa Indians eat fish, buffalo, deer, and many other meat sources.

they eat buffalo, bison, and fish. they also eat berries and fruits

corn and fish and lots of other stuff

they ate animals like buffolo.

Buffalo, corn, beans, and squash.

they specifically have to eat out your mom with a side order of dog poo.

Fish, meat and berries are the main sources that the Arctic Indians ate.

The stable diet would be rice and fish.

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