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of course i know this one they like pritty popular and fashonable girls

and think there all that

Holly says:

Boys don't like pretty and fashionable girls! Some boys like girls that are geeks. Boys may like pretty and fashionable girls but their life partner will never be a Bad Girl than is popular. Believe me! I have a brother! :)

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โˆ™ 2009-11-28 11:42:50
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Q: What kind of girls are boys interested in?
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Do boys like girls when they ignore them?

no,not at all.becoz when girls ignore boys,they feel that they are not interested in them.

What do girls love from boys?

girls love that boys are sweet and kind?

What kind of imotional maturity in boys and girls?

the boys are very mature than girls.

What are 13 year old girls interested in?

Most 13 year old girls are interested in boys, puberty, parties, bar/bat Mitzvahs, friends, shopping, clothes, cell phones, dieting and all of that kind of stuff.

How do boys look at girls they like?

Most boys will look straight at you and look interested in what you are saying.

What impresses boys the most?

well boys are mpressed by girls who arent scared to be funny and loud there also interested in girls hobbies and qualities.

What kind of girls like quiet boys?

mute girls

What kind of girls does Adam Lambert like?

The kind that are boys.

What kind of heart attack do girls and boys have?


Do girls like quiet boys?

mostly 50% of girls kind of like shy boys the other fifty girls like boys who talk and speak and talks her

What do 12 year old boys like girls to be interested in?

just be yourself.

What is it called when a boy likes boys and girls?

When a boy likes boys and girls, it is called friendship. When someone is sexually interested in both males and females, the word is bisexual.

What kind of girls do Bowwow like?

Tom boys do

What do you do if your friends dont like girls yet but you do?

Chances are the girls your age are interested in boys already, so do what you feel like.

Why is netball mostly for girls?

That's because girls are better at it and some boys are interested in other sports than netball.

What are 10 year old boys interested in?

well Ryan is interested in disgusting things and girls. oh, and video games. and food.

What kind of boys are 15 year old are girls into?

Every girls into something different.

How do you get a girl to like you when she is popular and you are a total loser?

First, you have to improve your self esteem and NEVER refer to yourself as a looser ever again. Promise that to yourself. Secondly, girls really like boys who are kind to them and seem interested in what they have to say. Ask her about herself, listen to her. Girls also like when boys are romantic and thoughtful because girls enjoy being flattered. It makes them feel pretty and desirable. Girls also like boys who are interesting and have something going on in their lives. Whether it is an interest in the arts, science, sports, etc... It doesn't really matter. Girls like boys who come across as interesting and interested in what they do.

Are there girls on the Internet?

Of course there are girls on the Internet. There are boys also. That is what social websites are for, to talk to other people interested in the same things.

Do girls flirt unconsciously?

yes, girls flirt naturally when they first meet someone as well as when they are interested in someone, its the same with boys

Do girls watch naruto more than boys?

well actually the girls do watch more naruto then the boys do which is kind of wierd if you think about it but yes the girls watch more naruto than boys

Why are'nt some boys interested in dating girls?

some guys arent ready yet.

What kind of boys does Willow Smith like?

She likes girls

What kind of clothes do boys like girls to wear?


What kind of Boys had an 80s No 1 with West End Girls?

This was a hit for the Pet Shop Boys.