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a royal government

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Q: What kind of government did Georgia have in the 1700's?
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What are some kind of events that Georgia state had in the 1500?

Georgia was not a state in the 1500s. It was not even called Georgia until the 1700s.

What kind of Georgia government Georgia have?


What kind of government does Georgia have?


What was life in Georgia in the 1700s like?

Life in Georgia in the 1700s was very difficult since it was a colony of Great Britain. This is because the citizens of Georgia were subjected to hard labor.

What kind of legisture did Georgia's first government have?


Why economy grew in Georgia in 1700s?

for the dedt?

What was considered the largest state in the mid-1700s?


How did people make a living in Georgia in the 1700s?


What crops were grown in Georgia in the 1700s?

Tobacco, and cotton

What jobs were there in georgia durring the 1700s?

they run for joblol

What kind of church would they have in Georgia in the 1700s?

If you mean Georgia (USA) it was under Royal (English) Rule. The primary church was Anglican. If you mean Georgia (the region on the east side of the Black Sea) the primary church would be Russian Orthodox.

Famous Georgia names in the late 1700s?

James Oglethorpe