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What kind of government does New York have?

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Because newyork sucks

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What kind of local government does New York City have?

It has a Mayor-council government

What kind of government did the colony of New York?

a cool one! -Izzzy

What kind of government does colonial New York have?

New York Was Originally Governed By The MayFlower Compact, Until They Went Under New Leadership Then Were Governed By The House Of Burgesses

What form of government is New York following?

new york is under the republic form of government

Government of colonial New York?

The government of colonial New York resided in a governor and an elected assembly.

How did colonists in New York and New Jersey take part in government?

how did colonists in new york new jersey take part in government

Who is the government of colony New York?

Duke of York

What type of government does New York have?

Proprietary Government

What was the government of New York in 1624?

What was the goverment of New York like in 1624?

What sort of government did New York have in the early 1700's?

In 1691, the Duke of York and the English government allowed New York to have a representative government. It has been this way ever since.

What government is New York?


How did New York government or business change when New York Became a state?

it is a charter

What is the seat of New York states government?

The capitol of New York state is Albany.

What kind of deer are in New York?

The kind of deer in New York are limited. Whitetail deer live in New York. Whitetail deer are very common in the eastern U.S.A.

What kind of economy did New York colony have?

new york colonal economy was good

What city is the head of new york state government?

The capitol of New York State is Albany.

Where the first capital of the new government located?

new york

Who is the new 2011 Government of New York?

Andrew Cuomo

What was type of government did they establish in New York in 1626?


What type of government did New York have in 1850?

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What government was established in New York?

the answer is nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What type of government New York?

It is a commonwealth.

What is the number of people employed in New York city government?

According to a New York City government website: "New York City employs over 300,000 people at almost 70 different agencies."

Why was New York against the Declaration of Independence?

New York Provisional Government told their delegates to wait and then the British occupied New York City.

What kind of people lived in New York?

All kinds of people live in New York.