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The kind of guitar they use in safe and sound by Taylor swift is a Taylor guitar. That kind of guitar is one of the best guitars you can get.

You have to use the guitar hero guitar. You cannot use any other kind of guitar.

A Fender,and a Larrivée guitar.

Jesus, what kind of question is that???? We use it to play music, music that facilitates guitar or not.

Bob Dylan wrote the song. Hendrix rearranged it for his own use. Same words, same base chords, whole different arrangement.

Hi I'm Dylan sprouse friend and if you go to Abigail Lopes then there is the real him

All i can find is that he uses a PRS guitar

He uses Schecter Guitar Research guitar models.

pedals and guitar processors , than the rest is what kind of amp you use.

Paramore uses the Rythm Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric bass, a Microphone, and another guitar. i apologize i dont know what kind.

There are some Flash based games, but they are not the kind that you can use a guitar peripheral with. You can get Guitar Hero for your PC or Mac, though.

nick is using gibson firebird. :)

E Watch this.

She plays a custom-made acoustic guitar, from Taylor Guitars, which is made from koa wood.

no one knows I think its a 1920s guitar of some sortALL YOU NEED IS LOVE

in 1983 eddy van started to use Kramer guitar than on OKAY

Bryan May uses a English six pence with a serrated edge for a guitar pick

Duane Eddy uses , GHS Guitar strings.

Aly and Aj, apart from other various instruments do play guitar. They know how to play acoustic and electric guitar. Guitar is the most important instrument they use in their music.

I know the guy who makes these.

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