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A Squier Strat guitar is an Electric Guitar in the Stratocaster family made by the famous guitar manufacturer 'Fender' - it comes with USB and iOS connectivity.

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A great entry level guitar would be the Squier Strat by Fender, very reasonably priced and sound good, in fact, I've been playing guitar for 25 years and still use a Squier in some of my recordings!

A Squier Stratocaster is a fairly versatile guitar and is not too difficult to play.It depends on what style of music you want to play but you cannot rewally go wrong with a stratocaster. If you can afford a Fender strat then that would be nicer to play than a Squier and should stay in tune better too.

A Squier guitar is manufactured by the famous Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. The Fender Squier range of guitars was initially introduced in 1982.

That would depend on your appeal to comfort, aesthetics and sound... and maybe price. There are good Yamaha guitars, such as the Pacifica, which is a nice Fender Strat style. The Squier is the 22 fret strat Fender (I have a 22 fret Ibanez GIO) which is just as good as any guitar in my opinion, but a standard 24 fret is better for the high-pitching lead shredder (though only by one note).

One can purchase a Squier Bass Guitar on eBay. Guitar Center also has Squier Bass Guitars and even offer free shipping. American Musical Supply has the Squier Bass Guitar and not only offer free shipping but also no tax.

Fex Rossi, plays Squier guitars i guess.

Anywhere from $30 to $80 on ebay. The market is flooded with these guitars though since many people get it as a beginner guitar and end up quitting the instrument.

I recently bought a Squier Bullet Strat(with tremolo), and have been using it non-stop for the past 3 months. It sounds great, and unless you have small hands or are buying it for a child and want a Mini Squier, it's the best thing to get.

he has thirteen electric and acustic guitars, but his favorait guitar is called blu, and it is a fernandes strat.

if you un screw it yes butt if its bolted in no

well ive seen him use a strat, an SG and a les paul

No, but you'll still look stupid saying the words, "rock on" to activate your start power. God, all guitar hero games suck. Go buy a cheap Squier Strat and play on that. its more rewarding and a lot more fun.

i currently own a Squier Standard Stratocaster, a Squier Affinity Strat, a Squier Jagmaster and an Epiphone Lucille. I have owned a Fender Standard Stratocaster in the past as well as a 90's Squier Stratocaster.all of that said, Squier's are very good guitars with bad reputations. having played and recorded for years now, i would say the Jagmaster is going to have a slightly higher build quality, and to me anyway, is just a bit more versatile. Jagmasters sound similar to an SG and have a short scale neck which i find very comfortable. very good clean and excellent distorted. and i love the stock pickups.the one thing a Jagmaster and no other guitar can sound like other than a Strat, is a Strat, and with the humbucker in the bridge position you can get Gibson-esque tones from it.i don't think you can go wrong with either, but a Jagmaster will handle metal and heavier stuff better and can still do surf and country, with more tonal choices. the Fat Strat will sound like a Strat, like Stevie or Jimi or The Band. neither is better to me just different. the Jagmaster is also more comfortable to me to play for longer periods of time than any guitar i own.Play a bunch and see what you like best. and as far as quality instruments go these are both very inexpensive, save up and buy both.

If one wants to purchase a Squier bass guitar, one can look at a local music store. There one can try the guitar itself. One can also purchase a Squier bass guitar on the internet on sites like Amazon and eBay.

I'm pretty sure it means that your Squier is the 986, 087th guitar of that model made. The S might stand for Squier

(I currently use a fender strat with a floyd and humbuckers) i need a good metal second guitar with a similar feel to a fender strat

Squier is the manufacturer of high end guitars that are frequently used by recording artists and are branded additionally with the names Fender and Fender Strat. The range includes acoustic, electric and bass guitars.

A fat strat refers to a strat that has a humbucker pickup, which pretty much looks like two single coils smushed together on a guitar

The worth of a 1984 Fender Strat guitar can vary because of many factors. The condition in which the guitar is in is the most important. Any wear can diminish the worth. See an appraiser for an estimate.

I dont recommend Squires for gigs. Squires are like the cheap versions of Fenders. Ex: Squire is to Fender as Epiphone is to Gibson If you mean "squire" the model of fender guitar its great, but the knockoff of fender isn't so great

i have almost now doubt that it is a fender strat or copies of the fender strat. For classical though, i think they are the Ashton ones.

he's using hes sunburst telecaster, his 57' strat, and his famous 62' strat mainly.

The Telecaster definately would be my pick for the country kind of sound, but the stratocaster has more clarity with distorsion, but is still very similar to the strat in that field, so I would go with the Telecaster. But listen to the two compared on youtube, just search "strat vs tele", and there will be lots of results, and that will probably help you lots. After all, Its your guitar.