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What kind of guitar strings does jimmy page use?


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Ernie Ball 2223 Nickel Super Slinky (.009-.042).

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That is, of course, a matter of opinion but according to many rock magazines and such, Jimmy Page is the better guitar player.

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Jimmy Page said in a 1977 interview with Steven Rosen that he used Herco Flex 75 Picks.

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The song "Here Comes the Night" by Them, dating from 1964 featured guitar played by Jimmy Page, whose tenure with Led Zeppelin began in 1968.

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He can't use something heavy because its well known that he LOVES super slinkies and using a heavy pick on light strings makes the guitar sound smooth, and jimmy likes it dirty. Also when you solo like jimmy does you need something that will just sweep the strings. He plays fast, but isn't accurate enough to need a heavy or small pick. My best guess is probably a mid strength pick, probably dunlop or fender. Something above a .88 but less than 1.14

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