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Formed in 1968, Led Zeppelin was an English rock band composed of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones. With the band’s heavy, guitar-driven blues-rock sound, Led Zeppelin is popularly known as one of pioneer of heavy metal and hard rock music.

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Who wrote the songs for Led Zeppelin?


Led Zeppelin

How did Led Zeppelin change the world?

They kept the hard'rock boat afloat. Psychedelic Rock and other genres were trying to take over and they kicked them out and introduced hard rock.


Among Led Zeppelin's achievements:

- It popularized the use of acoustic guitars and folk-music influences in hard rock.

- It created one of the first and most popular epic rock ballads, "Stairway to Heaven".

- It popularized Western-Eastern music fusions.

- It was one of the bands that engendered "proto-metal" -- early hard rock that inspired heavy metal -- along with bands such as The MC5 and The Stooges. "Communication Breakdown" has been cited as one of the first heavy-metal songs.

- The Song Remains the Same, the film, has been credited with codifying the modern music video, taking liberties with continuity and imagery.

Led Zeppelin

Who is the lead guitarist for Led Zeppelin?

The lead guitarist of Led Zeppelin is Jimmy Page.

Led Zeppelin
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What is another name for yellow?

Amber, bisque, blond, buff, chrome, cream, Amarillo (spanish), lemon, saffron, sand, tawny, and xanthous.

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Does Robert plant still smoke cigarettes?

No,i don't think so....

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What is the song Kashmir about?

Plant wrote the lyrics in 1973 while driving through the Sahara Desert on the way to the National Festival of folklore in Morocco. Kashmir is in Southern Asia; he was nowhere near it. In Mojomagazine, September 2010, Plant explained: "'Kashmir' came from a trip Jimmy and me made down the Moroccan Atlantic coast, from Agadir down to Sidi Ifni. We were just the same as the other hippies really."

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Is Jimmy Page Irish?

No. He is English/British.

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Did Led Zeppelin ever win a GRAMMY?

Yes, Led Zeppelin won a Grammy.

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What is former detective and defense lawyer Ritchie Roberts doing now?

Acer is a good brand for a laptop if you are not looking to spend a lot of money. Even if you do find some customer complaints on the Acer brand you will find complaints on all the brands.

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Is Liz Jones dating Robert plant?

No... She says her boyfriend is in his late 40's. Robert Plant was 63 in August. It's Jim Kerr of Simple Minds

Led Zeppelin

How much money does Robert plant have?

According to celebritynetworth.com he has $85 million.

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Was Tori Amos ever lovers with Robert plant?

As much as I know, not really.

When Tori was a teenager, she had a big crush on Robert, the singer of the mighty Led Zeppelin, but she could ony see him on tv. Later on in her life, she got to meet him and even had a musical collaboration with him, but they never became lovers. She told him about her puberty dreams, and she said that one day he even asked her to marry him, but she kind of took his proposal as a joke or as a compliment (which was probably the case anyway). They are friends, as far as I know, and Tori still likes to talk about him and about his influence on her. In a way, I think that this kind of relationship is more beautiful than dating for two weeks and hating each other for the rest of their lives.

By the way, is spite of Robert's reputation, not all his female friends became his lovers.

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How did Led Zeppelin's John Bonham die?

After a long day of heavy drinking, Bonham died in his sleep from suffocating on his own vomit while spending the night at Jimmy Page's home.RIPJohn Bonham AnswerJohn Bonham fell asleep drunk and choked on his own vomit, on September 25, 1980. The official cause of death was pulmonary edema (a buildup of fluid in the lungs). AnswerHe suffocated on his own vomit while sleeping after heavy drinking.
Led Zeppelin

Who is the only deceased member of Led Zeppelin?

John Bonham is the only deceased member of Led Zeppelin.

Led Zeppelin

How did Led Zeppelin get their name?

When forming Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page approached Keith Moon and John Entwistle and asked them to consider joining the new band he was making...Kieth said, "that would go over like a lead balloon", and John added,"more like a lead zeppelin!". Leshoc: In the time just before Tommy's release, John Entwistle and Keith Moon were planning on leaving The Who and forming a band of their own. When Tommy became a reality and the band's financial prospects were brighter, they abandoned those plans. It was about that time that Page was searching for a name to replace "The New Yardbirds". Keith and John told him of their then dormant project's name "Led Zeppelin".
It is believed that Keith Moon came up with the name. Jimmy Page once said that it described Led Zeppelin perfectly, both heavy and light, in a way.

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When is the next Led Zeppelin concert?

Sad to say that there most likely won't be another concert, but there is always a possibility.

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Where is Jimmy page?

He lives in East Sussex, England.

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Led Zeppelin

Who sold more albums ACDC or the Rolling Stones?

Acca Dacca definitely the stones might have been around longer but ac/dc had so many chart smashing songs it's rediculous

AC/DC has sold more albums, both bands are in 200 million sold category. The Stones had more number 1 albums and singles. How does that happen? A record may hit number 1 on the charts but not sell as many units as another album that sells more over time. For example, Pink Floyd's album Dark Side of the Moon has sold more records years after it's initial release when it was charted. I believe ACDC had only 2 singles charted at number 1 and oddly they weren't from their popular Back in Black album.

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What guitar did jimmy page play on stairway to heaven?

On stairway to heaven, he used a Fender Telecaster for the solo and his Les Paul for the chorus. This is info for the studio version.


Jimmy Page may have used a 12-string electric for the Am-G-F riffs at the ending of "Stairway to Heaven". (Contrary to what the previous contributor wrote, "Stairway" does not have a chorus.) Live, Page uses a Gibson EDS-1275 for the song, and it is shown clearly in all Led Zeppelin film and video releases that Page uses the 6-string neck for the intro (the acoustic part on the studio version), and then the 12-string neck for everything up to the solo, where he finally switches back to the 6-string neck. After the solo, he switches back to the 12-string neck for the riff.

A Fender Electric XII was used for the 12-string parts on the studio recording. The solo was played on the Fender Telecaster given to Page by Jeff Beck, as a token of appreciation to Page for introducing Beck to The Yardbirds.

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What type of drumkit and cymbals did John Bohnam use in the band Led Zepplin?

Drum Kit: Ludwig classic maple: 12*14 rack, 16*16 and 18*18 floor toms, 14*26 bass drum and an LM402 Ludwig Aluminium Snare. Cymbals: Paiste 2002: 15" Hi-Hats, 18" and 20" Medium thin crashes and a 24" Ride. Bonham also liked the Ludwig Amber Vistalite acrylic kit, in the same sizes. John Bonham's drum tech Jeff Ocheltree explaining Bonham's Kit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMqHqADnREY http://www.amazon.com/Trust-Your-Ears-Explorations-Ocheltree/dp/B00065GHNS

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How much is the first Led Zeppelin album worth?

If it is in CD format, it is worth about $8.50. In the original vinyl record format however could be worth around $2,000!

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What is the name of the Led Zeppelin song Sean Kingston did a remake of?

Sean Kingston's song "Me Love" sampled Led Zeppelin's song "D'yer Mak'er."

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Did Jimmy Page play on Donovans Hurdy Gurdy Man?

Not on the title track, but he did play acoustic during the early album sessions. The Hurdy Gurdy Man album sessions were done mainly in two parts, the first part in late 1967, the second sessions where done in April 1968. It was during the April 1968 sessions that the actual track 'Hurdy Gurdy Man' was recorded. Jimmy Page was not in the country at the time of the April 1968 session. Page had only been playing acoustic in his session work at the time. Steve Rosen interview with Jimmy Page SR You were playing acoustic guitar during your session period? JP Yes, I had to do it on studio work. And you come to grips with it very quickly too, very quickly, because it's what is expected. There was a lot of busking (singing on street corners) in the earlier days, but as they say, I had to come to grips with it, and it was a good schooling.

Donovan stated that he wanted Jimi Hendrix to play but he was unavailable, so he asked for Jimmy Page instead but he was in the US with Jerry Wrexler .Mickie Most got Jeff Beck to do the electric guitar work which was wiped by Most. Finally Alan Parker was drafted in to do the electric guitar work. http://www.zepagain.com/page_rosen.html Regarding the title track those involved are listed below. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN I have been contacted by Clem Cattini with regard to Donovan's Hurdy Gurdy Man

I would like to confirm that the musicians on the record were as follows Donovan Accoustic Guitar

John Paul Jones Arrangement/Musical Director and Bass Guitar

Alan Parker Lead (electric) Guitar

Clem Cattini Drums No other musicians were involved in this session

The session was produced by Mickie Most and engineered by Eddie Kramer. John Paul Jones

London 05/2005 http://www.coda-uk.co.uk/clem_cattini.htm

Page may have played on several songs by Donovan such as "Sunshine

Superman" although the long held belief that Jimmy played on

"HurdyGurdyMan" has been questioned recently, with the

contention that it is in fact Allan Holdsworth, and not Page.

Jones on the other hand, who most certainly did work on the track

says it was Alan Parker. Donovan in a radio interview in 1988 on

KCRW in Santa Monica, said that it was Holdsworth not Page, as

they tried to get Page but he was unavailable, and tried out a new

young guy, Holdsworth, instead. An answer to this perplexing

question that could be seen as definitive came from Allan's wife

Claire, when she was asked this by a member of the Allan

Holdsworth mailing list. The response she gave was (included

without permission), "Allan is bemused by the number of people,

including Donovan, who have said that he played on that song -

because he didn't!! He thinks it might have been Ollie Halsell

but he is dead now so I guess we can't ask him." Page, who denies

playing on it claimed in a 1977 interview that it was Alan Parker.

To confuse matters further, in the liner notes for Donovan's

"Trouabdour" box set it claims Page played on the trackhttp://www.oldbuckeye.com/ifmtl2.html

Beck originally played on Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man" but instead they used Alan Parker on the final version

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Do any of the Led zeppelin band members worship the devil?

No, although Page was rather interested in the occult at one point.

Led Zeppelin

How much is the first Led Zeppelin record worth?

It depends on what you mean by "First Record." There was a demo made with "Babe I'm gonna leave you" and "Dazed and confused" made even before Led Zeppelin 1 that is worth hundreds of $. However,if you are talking about Led Zeppelin 1, you can get it on Ebay for next to nothing.


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