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  • Neptune is a gas giant. It has no solid surface. If you tried to stand on it, you'll sink into it and be vaporised by the molten core
  • Neptune is freezing. Life would freeze. There is no water to support life
  • There is very little light for plants and food to grow
  • Neptune is the stormiest planet discovered so far with winds reaching 2,000mph. Life would be ripped apart by these winds or flung into space
  • The atmosphere is poisonous
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What kind of a hazard is volcanoes?

will make the people threaten, fuddled, heated kind of hazard

What are the colors of Neptune?

Neptune is a kind of sky-blue color.

What kind of gas is Neptune made of?

Neptune is composed primarily of hydrogen & helium.

Does Neptune has liquid in it?

No neptune does not have any other kind of liquids on it. -reanni Jones

What kind of ice is on Neptune?

there is none

What kind of planet is Neptune?

Neptune is considered a gas planet or an ice planet like Uranus.

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What kind of atmosphere does Neptune have?

a blue one

What kind of gas is on Neptune?

silphuric i think

What are charateristics of Neptune?

it has no characteristics of any kind

What kind of weather occurs on neptune?


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What kind of plants are on the planet Neptune?

Nothing can live on Neptune. Neptune is the farthest planet from the Sun and is just a few degrees above absolute zero - far too cold to support any kind of life!

What kind of seasons do Neptune have?

Neptune rarely changes seasons... it is so cold due to the distance from the sun

What bacteria is on Neptune?

We don't think that there is any bacteria on Neptune. It is very unlikely that there is life of any kind there.

What kind of water is found on neptune?

ice water

What kind of weather does Neptune?

high winds and precipitation

What kind of weather does Neptune have?

High winds and Precipitation

What kind of star is neptune?

Negative neutron star

Is the planet Neptune solid?

no because NEPTUNE is mainly a gas kind of planet like others. add me please

What would aliens eat on Neptune?

An alien on Neptune could live off of some kind of bacteria or methane

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What kind of heating device can be fire hazard?

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What kind of plantes are jupiter saturn neptune and uranus?

Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, an Uraus are part of the outter planet group.

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