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cracked head or knot or scrape

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Q: What kind of head injuries may be caused by not wearing a helmet and falling off of a bike?
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Is wearing a helmet good for riding a bike?

As long as you don't fall off, wearing a helmet or not doesn't matter. But if you should fall off, a helmet offers easy and inexpensive protection against head injuries.

Head injuries saved by wearing a bike helmet?

A helment will help for not getting head injuries bu not the rest of your body, you can hurt other places.

If one is not wearing a motorbike helmet how traumatic can the head injury be when in an accident?

Head injuries during accidents can be very traumatic if one is not wearing a motorbike helmet. Often times, these accidents can result in brain trauma and comas.

Does the use of a helmet greatly decrease the risk of injury during a bike accident?

Wearing a bicycle helmet can greatly decrease the risk of head trauma. Other injuries on bicycles will not be affected by helmet use. The helmet is there to protect the head.

What injuries will happen if you don't wear a helmet horse back riding?

you could fall and get a concision or possible brain damage i ride with a helmet every day because my friend died from not wearing a helmet so wear a helmet or else

What percent of kids don't wear a helmet?

In an ethics and compliance solutions survey, a big percentage of kids was not wearing helmet when they should have been wearing it. This has caused many accidents that was then recorded yearly.

How many people get head injuries from not wearing a helmet?

Nearly 400,000 kids go to hospital emergency rooms due to bike injuries each year.

How many children died not wearing a bicycle helmet before the law was past?

It's really not possible to tell exactly, as there's no way to say for certain which injuries that would have been survivable with a helmet.

What is the best way to prevent football injuries?

bye wearing a helmet u can block urr head tht way u dont get a injury

Is a helmet worth wearing?

If you think your head is worth protecing then a helmet is worth wearing.

Can you ride a bike without a helmet?

Can - sure. But it will increase the risk of head injuries a little, and in some places wearing a helmet while riding is a legal requirement.

What is the percent that you will crack your head open if you aren't wearing a helmet?

Over 60% of motorcycle fatalities are caused by head trauma