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What kind of heater is compatible with a seawater pool?

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Do you mean a pool that has a salt water generator? If so, any pool heater could be used.

2007-03-02 06:46:12
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What should I know before buying an electric pool heater?

You should first make sure yuor pool is compatible with a heater. You will also want to make sure you get the proper BTU for your pool size.

Pool Heater ?

form_title= Pool Heater form_header= Stay warm and swim with a pool heater! What is your budget for a pool heater?*= _ [50] What type of pool do you have?*= () Salt Water () Chlorine What is the size of your pool?*= _ [50]

Which has a higher concentration of salt a tablespoon of seawater or a swimming pool with a bucket of seawater?

a table spoon of seawater

What is the best pool heater out there at the moment?

The best pool heater depends on what kind of heater you want for your pool. There are solar heaters, gas heaters, and pump heaters. The up and coming heaters are of the solar variety and they are currently the best out there. They are low maintenance, save you energy costs, and last for a long time.

What kind of pipe should be used to run gas from meter to pool heater?

Steel pipe.

What is the best natural gas swimming pool heater?

What i s the best pool heater

To heat pool do you turn on pool pump first then heater?

The heater will not operate if the pump is not on.

Closing above ground pool with heater?

directions for closing above ground pool with heater

What is a ring of coral that encloses a pool of seawater?

A atoll

Does a salt water pool effect a pool heater?


How do you heat an above ground pool?

locate pool in sunny area, use a solar water heater, solar pool cover, pool heater or enclosed sun room

Does a pool cover make the pool hotter or cooler?

it depends if you have a pool heater

Can a lazy spa heater heat my swimming pool?

no you need a stronger heater specifically designed for a swimming pool

Can you use inground pool heater for above ground pool?


Which mineral can form when a large pool of seawater slowly evaporates?

The answer is pizza.

What size Btu pool heater will heat a 34500 gallon inground swimming pool?

At a minimum you would need a 400K btu gas heater. This pool is larger than a 20 x 40' pool or 800 sq. ft. Many things dictate the size or sizing of a pool heater such as the surface area of the pool, the size of the gas line from the meter to the heater, the distance of the run from the meter to the heater, the size or capacity of the gas meter, etc. Proper sizing is a must if your heater is to run at optimum standards.

Where can you get an owners manual or other information for an older Maxtemp electric pool heater?

Start with a "maxtemp pool heater" search.

Are salt water pools and pool heaters compatible?

Yes, a salt-water pool is the same as a Chlorine pool, therefore a heater is safe to use on a salt generator. There are two things to look out for with a heater: 1) pH can wreck havoc on the heater core, so always maintain a proper pH level in the pool and 2) the heater will release more metals into the water over time than a non heated pool. With a heater I always recommend a sequesting agent (I.e. metal control) on a weekly dose. Other than keeping your salt levels up around 2000-3000 ppm and proper water balance and care, you should have no problem! Russell Recreational Aquatics Specialist

Pool heater for 22000 gallons?

Recommend 400,000 BTU heater

What is the best kind of pool heater for an inground pool in New Jersey?

I prefer the Raypak. I have had far less problems with this brand than all others in the last 25 years.

Where can I buy a swimming pool heater in the Burlington, Vermont metropolitan area?

You can buy a swimming pool heater in the Burlington, Vermont are at Leslie's Pool Supplies. They have a great selection.

How often does a swimming pool heater need servicing, on average?

The swimming pool heater service usually takes about 1 to 2 hours. This of course can change if you have a larger heater.

How much propane will a 400000 BTU pool heater use?

Approx 4.4 gallons per hour on full blast.

Can you go in a pool with the heater turned on?


Is there an in floor heater for an above ground pool?