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There are many ways to package insurance but most retail stores are eligible for a BOP, short for business owners package. Busienss owners packages combine many of the coverages you may need including property coverage for your inventory or building, and liability coverage in case someone was hurt on your premesis or injured by product you sold.

If you have employees you will also need work comp insurance. If you deliver product you will need commercial auto and cargo insurance.

Retail shops who vend high risk products are ineligble for BOPS, so all of these coverages need to be purchased separately.

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Q: What kind of insurance do you need for a retail store?
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Commercial Space Rental and InsuranceWhat you would need to buy for a commercial space is called Commercial General Liability Insurance. AnswerThere is a big difference between Retail and Renter's insurance. Retail insurance is for any type of basically a retail business that has an inventory used for retail purpose. Renter's insurance is used for a private individual or family that is renting a home or apartment and wants to protect their belongings from fire/flood/etc. You cannot use renter's insurance to protect a retail space which is considered business. Retail insurance does cost more. But to get the best answer to this question consult your insurance agent.

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Yes, you need an insurance license to sell any kind of insurance in Texas. For "Commercial Insurance" operations, you will need a Property and Casualty Insurance License form the state of Texas.

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A utility worker in a retail store is someone who goes around and fixes things that need fixing. These are things like changing light bulbs and repairing things.

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Well, First of All You need a lisense to sell the insurance by the state, ,which is easily obtainable w/ a small fee and a test, the rest is kind of like running a retail store except you need a minimum of $1,000,000 which you can get with investors. But if you don't want to screw people over like the present tyoe of insurance companies do, i can say you might need upwards of $3,000,000 to start, not to crush your spirits. But you also have do get your company the lisesnses to sell insurance, which is a totally different story. Basically, start out small, act like an independent agent and follow the guidlines in the first paragraph. be carful.

Where can you find coverage for a Retail Sporting Goods Store that sells Guns and Ammo and also has indoor archery?

Assuming you mean insurance coverage for a sporting goods store, most major insurance companies insure operation of this type. Find an independent insurance agent that represents several companies, and he or she can guide you. If your business is in the U.S., you can also contact the National Rifle Association for information on shooting-related business insurance. You will need property insurance for the building and contents, and liability insurance. If you have not done so, you should consult an attorney regarding incorporating as a business.

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