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skinny jeans

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Q: What kind of jeans are straight through the thigh and slim through the leg and come in tall sizes?
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Can a girl get pregnant through her genes if sperm gets on her iner thigh?

No, if you did not remove your jeans, then it is highly unlikely that you will become pregnant, even if sperm got on your jeans in the vicinity of your inner thigh.

Are Levi's 514 jeans low waist?

from levi's websiteSlim Straight 514™ Jeans Style #04514Our universal slim fit never feels too snug or looks too baggy. One of our lowest rises, it has straight-leg style that fits close through the seat and thigh. This pair of Levi's® Jeans is part of our program that minimizes water in the finishing process. Country Of Origin: ImportedWAIST: Sits below waist, 9 3/4" inseamFIT: Slim FitLEG: Straight, 17" Leg opening

Junior pants size 13 are what size in women pant size?

A size 10 or 12 in ladies would be the equivalent of a size 13 junior's pants. Junior sizes are cut more straight through the hip and thigh as most teenagers are thinner through this area.

How do you make the butt and thigh of jeans fit tighter?

Eat Twinkies

Can inner thigh rashes cause due to jeans pant?


The straight thigh muscle is the?

rectus femoris

What size is XXL for women's jeans?

who has waist size 40 to 42 and thigh about 30 inches

What is the job of the two lateral rectus muscles?

The name 'rectus' means straight while femoris refers to the thigh. So, it refers to the straight muscle of the thigh, which is a member of the quadriceps femoris.

Is skinny pants syndrome real?

Yes it is true. It is also called tingling thigh syndrome. It is a heath risk. Tingling Thigh Syndrome caused when too-tight jeans compress a nerve that cuts off sensation to the thigh.

What makes Levi's 550 so desirable?

Levi's 550's are desirable because of their relaxed fit through the seat and thigh area. Also these jeans have a tapered leg, they are made of durable cotton.

Are muscles different sizes?

Yes. I mean you wouldn't want your tongue as big as your thigh would you? ~R

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