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Software Developer, Network Administrator, Help Desk Analyst, Systems Administrator. These are all good positions; it just depends on what your focus is in I.T.

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Q: What kind of job can you get with a BS degree in Computer Science?
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What kind of degree do I need for a job as a computer engineer?

Your best choice will be either Computer Science or a degree in Information Technology. The IT degree will be easier, as Computer Science often involves complicated programming courses.

What kind of jobs can you get with applied science degree?

what kind of job can i get with a applied science degree?

What courses do you take to get an IT job?

You need a bachelor's degree in computer science/information technology or another kind of engineering.

What careers are available for a computer science degree?

There are many careers available for someone with a computer science degree. You can find a job assembling computers and even a job building programs.

What job can you get with an associates degree in computer science?

Having a degree can help a person obtain a better job and make better money. Jobs available for a person with an associates degree in computer science are computer programmers, system analyst, and computer support specialist.

What is the highest paying job you can get with an bachelor of science degree?

computer science and or chemical engineering.

What kind of job can you get with an associate of science degree Homeland Security?

You can get a job as a janitor.

What kind of job can you get with an associate of applied science degree?

That depends entirely on the major. If you get an AAS (associate's of applied science) in management, then you can become a manager. An AAS in computer networking can get you a job as a networking specialist.

What kind of job can you get with a Bachelor of Science degree with merit?

A degree of any kind does not guarantee a job. This degree would be recognized as valuable in a wide variety of business and technological jobs.

What kind of job can you get with a degree in environmental science?

well you can become a scientist

Will a degree in Computer Science be useful for a job in data center management?

A degree in Computer Science can be useful for a job in Data Center Management. Certification in specialized software and/or skills can make you more competitive in getting a job in Data Center Management.

What kind of schooling will help in computer information security?

A degree in the following courses will help with a job in computer information security: computer science, Information Technology, artificial intelligence, systems architectures.

Where should I look for a job with a computer science degree?

If you are looking for a job in computer science you can do many things. You can take a resume to the local unemployment office and apply for jobs you are qualified for.

With what degree can I get the best computer jobs?

Most people who have a job working with computers have a degree in computer science or software engineering. software engineers use math and computer science to create and design software for our computers.

Why did you study computer science?

Computer Science is a versatile degree. Those that have earned a degree in computer science should find success in many different computer and technology related careers. Select one or two reasons to focus on when answering this question at a job interview.

What type of degree is needed to design computer programs?

A computer science degree is recommended but not a requirement. If you are good with computers you should be able to find a job.

What kind of job can you get with a bachelor of science degree in biology?

In most states a game warden.

What kind of degree do you need to get a computer software job?

There are many vocational training schools and community colleges that offer classes for a job in computer software. Normally you need two years and an associate degree to be considered for a computer software job.

What kind of job can a exercise science degree get me?

A degree in science can take you to places you wouldn't expect. Perhaps working for the government or working at a highly respected university. Science is great careeer

What kind of a job can you get with a bachelor's degree in health science with a concentration in exercise science?

You could probably get a job in sports health and as a councelor in sports health or a trainer.

Can you explain what is required for a computer science job?

What you would ask for in a computer science job description is whether the candidate has a BS in computer science. This would be the very minimum of the job requirement.

What kind of training do you need to become a computer engineer?

Computer engineers need a 4 year college or univerity degree to get a job. There, you will receive on the job training.

What kind of job can you get with a bchelor's degree in health science with a concentration of public health?

I was thinking health inspector

Qualifications of a rocket scientist?

You must be a scientist (that is, have a college degree in any kind of science), and you must have a job working with rockets that involves your degree.

What degree would an individual need for science employment?

Depending on the job you were seeking, in the field of science, you would need to have a science degree. You can have an Associate of Science, a Bachelor of Science, or a Master in Science degree. These degrees each have numerous fields, and you would need to go for the degree that matches the job you want.