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What kind of jobs do they have in Puerto Rico?

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They are the same as in any other place. We have doctors, lawyers, artists, writers, business owners, and ect.

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How do are people living in Puerto Rico?

Work… in Puerto Rico not live tainos live puertoricand. You knowed it? The puertoricans in Puerto Rico have jobs…

What kind of jobs are there in Puerto Rico?

About any job that you might find in Peoria, Waco or Tampa.

Are there enough jobs in Puerto Rico?


What jobs do they do in puerto rico?

Making Medicine

What type of jobs are available in Puerto Rico?

a lot

What kind of rainfalls are in Puerto Rico?

In puerto rico it rains super hard but it is beautiful and fun to run in!

What kind of traditions do puerto ricans attend?

What are the traditions of puerto rico?

What kind of climate does Puerto Rico have?


What kind of transportation does Puerto Rico have?


What kind of landform is Puerto Rico?

It is an Island.

What kind of birds are in Puerto Rico?

you tell me

How is winter in Puerto Rico?

it is kind of hot

Is Puerto Rico a foreign country?

If you are in Puerto Rico, no. If you are not in Puerto Rico, yes.

What kind of economy does Puerto Rico have?

market economy

What kind of clothing does puerto rico wear?


What kind money use in Puerto rico?


What kind of governor does Puerto Rico have?

A Territorial Governor elected by the Puerto Rican voters.

What jobs can a 16 year old do in Puerto Rico?

Nothing you have to be 18 and older

Puerto Rico in spanish?

Puerto Rico

What are the Puerto Rico countries?

Puerto Rico

Is Puerto Rico a continent?

No, Puerto Rico is an island.Actually Puerto Rico is NOT a continent ; it is an island .

How do you say welcome to Puerto Rico in spanish?

welcome to puerto rico

Conoces a alguien de Puerto Rico No no conozco a de Puerto Rico?

¿Conoces a alguien de Puerto Rico?No, no conozco a nadie de Puerto Rico.Do you know someone in Puerto Rico:No, I know no one in Puerto Rico.Answer:nadie

What company can provide a good Puerto Rico package?

The answer to your question of "What company can provide a good Puerto Rico package?" would be what kind of Puerto Rico package are you talking about food, whether it's food or cruise lines?

What kind of art does Puerto Rico paint?

puertorican art