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Depends on which symptoms came first.

If the JRA came befor the rash and fever then you'd have to talk to an Arthritis specialist.

If the rash and fever came before the JRA then it may be Lyme's Disease. Most people think that the rash has to be target shaped for lyme to be possible. In fact Lyme rash can com in the classic target, a ring, or just a consistent red rash. There can be a single lesion or multiple and up to 30% of people doen't even have a rash.

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Q: What kind of juvenile arthritis causes skin rash and fever?
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Inflammations cause an elevation of temperature on its local. Arthritis is a kind of inflammation, so a sensation of warmth is normal.

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The cause for arthritis is as yet not understood however it is known that in some instances arthritic symptoms do flare up along with a fever or infection of some kind. Thes flareups are most likely the result of an autoimmune reaction.

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