What kind of license do you have to have for a 70 cc motorized bike?

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What is cc in motor bikes?

Answer . its the cubic centimeters of the engine more ccs the bigger the engine

How do you get a bike license?

To obtain a bicycle license, contact your city to find out what permits may be needed, if any. To obtain a motorcycle licenses, contact your Secretary of State. You will most likely be required to take a test and meet age requirements.

What does cc really stand for on a bike?

Answer . Cubic Centimeters (referring to the engine displacement, ie the engine size).. Specifically, the volume of the cylinder or cylinders.

What does cc in bikes refers to?

cc or cubic centimeters/centimeters cubed refers to the displacement size of the engine i.e 600cc 750cc and so on

What does cc mean in a bike?

It means Cross-Country!. Actual Answer: . It refers to the size of the engine, in cubic centimeters. A cc is one one-thousandth of a liter, e.g. a 498cc bike engine is just under half a liter.

What is cc in bikes?

cc is the displacement of the engine. the more cc means more displacement this intern creates more power.

Do you need a motorcycle license to drive a 110 cc bike?

indeed you do ... u need a licence for anything that has more then 50cc. most of the 50cc engines are actually 49.9cc because as long as it is under 50 cc u do not need a licence... that also applies for boats. indeed you do ... u need a licence for anything that has more then 50cc. most of the 5 ( Full Answer )

Does the larger cc in motor bikes make the bike more powerful I am looking at a scooter with an 83cc motor and im wondering if that's related to max speed?

If your question relates to Chinese-built motorcycles, then a larger engine capacity will not always result in a more powerful one. American and Japanese motorcycles of the cruiser category generally feature large engine sizes which produce lower power than litre-size sports motorcycles. So its n ( Full Answer )

What kind of license do you need to ride a motor scooter?

That would depend upon the local Department of Motor Vehicle's rules as they vary from state to state as the definition of a Moped and Scooter. Im the state of South Carolina, there is no license requirement, just an age restriction. They are allowed only on surface streets and must obey all the law ( Full Answer )

How you can change the cc of a bike?

cc is basically the size of the engine.. you cant really do alot to change it other than an engine transplant.. bore out the piston chambers and portand polish the heads if you are desperate but its usually only a minor gain, especially in a moto engine with li mited number of pistons, so probably ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of cc etc in bikes?

1CC=1 Cubic Centimetre If you have a 50cc 2-stroke motor cycle, you are basically saying that the piston is displacing 50 Cubic Centimetres of air on every rotation of the crank. CC's can also be expressed in MM (millimetre's). When you express CC's in MM's, you are effectively measuring the volume ( Full Answer )

What is cc of any bike?

Simply put, "cc" is shorthand for cubic centimeter. Displacement measures how many cubic centimeteres of the air-fuel mixture moves through one rotation of an engine cycle (each piston moving from top to bottom). For example, if one rotation of the pistons moves 125 cc of the fuel-air mixture throug ( Full Answer )

What is the use of cc in bike?

The cc (cubic centimeters) of an IC engine is a measure of the maximum volume that the engine can displace, essentially it tells you how "big" the engine is. Cars usually use liters to designate their engine size. 1 liter = 1000 cc

Do you have to have a motorcycle license if your bike is less than 250 cc?

In the U.K and Channel Islands you can legally ride a motorbike that has an engine capacity of up to 250cc (but not above) without taking a full test.. You must, however, complete a Compulsory Basic Training (C.B.T) course before you will be road legal. These courses are relatively innexpensive and ( Full Answer )

Why does cc matter in a dirt bike?

CC refers to the engine displacement or in other words how big the motor is. Larger cc engines produce more power then a low cc engine can. When racing dirt bikes they require the engine size to be near the same size so that everyone has an equal chance in the race. For example: Racing a 125cc bike ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of cc in bike?

\n. \nCubic Capacity - the unit of measurement for the volume or 'displacement' of the cylinder(s) in the engine.\n. \nCubic Centimeters of displacement, or air/fuel moved through the engine in one complete revolution of the crankshaft.

What kind of motors are used in bike?

There are electric bikes(which usually legally are considered bicycles) and there are bikes with combustion engines.(which usually are seen as either scooters/mopeds or motorcycles by the law.) For the combustion engines you can have either 2-stroke engines(which usually are fairly small) or 4-str ( Full Answer )

What is cc and how it affect the performance of bikes?

cc stands for cubic centimeter. It refers to the displacement of the piston(s). A 100cc engine has twice the displacement as compaired to a 50cc engine. This does not mean the 100cc motorcycle will go twice as fast as the one having the 50cc engine. It will have more power but probably not double th ( Full Answer )

Which is the highest CC bike in the world?

well the bike with the highest CC is probably one of those huge supermoto racing bikes. i have seen a 1300cc engine, but it had 4 cylinders. there is one guy who made i think a 1000cc single cylinder engine.

How can the CC identify in bikes?

CC can be defined as the power of engine, for example 250 cc bike stand for 250cc is the power of engine for that bike.

What is the use of cc in bikes?

CC usually means Cubic Centimeters and is a value of engine size. It can also be c/c, which means center-to-center and refers to the size of the frame.

What is 33bhp in cc motor bikes?

There's no solid connection between BHP(brake horse power) and CC(cubic centimeter, the volume of the combustion chamber(s) in the engine). A 2-stroke can output more power for the same volume than a 4-stroke. A high revving engine can output more mower than a low revving engine at the same volume.

What is mean of bike CC?

"cc", in discussions of motors, refers to "cubic centemeters" , which is a metric measure of engine displacement. American cars and bikes still refer to "cubic inches" of engine displacement.

What is cc definition in bikes?

It stands for cubic centimeters for the engine.. In trucks 3.4litres would be 3400 cc but bigger engine, more power

Do you have to have a license to ride a 49cc motorized bike in Arizona?

This information courtesy of the Arizona DMV: "A moped is a bicycle or human-powered vehicle (with pedals) with a 50 cc or less helper motor, a 1.5 hp or less braking powerand a rated maximum top speed of 25 mph (on a flat surface withless than a one per cent grade). Any class of driver license can ( Full Answer )

What does cc for bikes means?

Cubic Centimeters. The size of the cylinder(s) in cubic centimeters. There is also CI (Cubic Inch) which is more often referred to in cars and trucks.

How can you figure out the cc of a dirt bike?

To calculate the cubic capacity of an engine cylinder you need to know the stroke height (from bottom dead centre to top dead centre) and the diameter of the cylinder bore - in centimetres. Using Pi (3.142), half of the diameter (ie the radius of the bore or "r"), and the stroke height ("h"), you ca ( Full Answer )

What kind of metal is a dirt bike motor?

Generally motorcycle blocks are made of either cast Iron, or Cast Aluminium. A lot of custom metals are available for the highest end race teams, but odds are if you run into a modern dirt bike, the block will be cast aluminium, the pistons will be a steel alloy, the crank will be either cast iron o ( Full Answer )