What kind of license do you have to have for a 70 cc motorized bike?

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What is cc in motor bikes?

Answer . its the cubic centimeters of the engine more ccs the bigger the engine

Do you need a motorcycle license to drive a 110 cc bike?

indeed you do ... u need a licence for anything that has more then 50cc. most of the 50cc engines are actually 49.9cc because as long as it is under 50 cc u do not need a lic

Do you have to have a motorcycle license if your bike is less than 250 cc?

In the U.K and Channel Islands you can legally ride a motorbike that has an engine capacity of up to 250cc (but not above) without taking a full test.. You must, however, com

What kind of motors are used in bike?

There are electric bikes(which usually legally are considered bicycles) and there are bikes with combustion engines.(which usually are seen as either scooters/mopeds or motorc
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What is 33bhp in cc motor bikes?

There's no solid connection between BHP(brake horse power) and CC(cubic centimeter, the volume of the combustion chamber(s) in the engine). A 2-stroke can output more power fo