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Monuments which remember and honour the men who fought there.

The Northern States erected 71 monuments to remember the regiments that fought with the Army of the Potomac that day.


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Typical weapons used during the Civil War included knives and swords, muskets, breech loaders, and field guns. More modern advances were also seen in battle, such as grenades and machine guns.

Confederate General Robert E. Lee knew he was clearly outnumbered as the Battle of Antietam was about to begin. To compensate for the large disparity in troop strength. Lee decided to use the battle tactic of tactical defense. With the understanding that he could not mount any kind of offensive and being clear that the Army of the Potomac, led by General George B. McClellan, a well planned defense was Lee's best alternative to escape losing his army.

It wasn't that kind of battle. Nobody planned Antietam, or advised against it The opposing sides were the Union troops under McLellan and the Confederates under Lee, who was trying to invade Pennsylvania. By pure chance, a set of Lee's orders fell into McLellan's hands, and he was well-placed to destroy the Army of Northern Virginia. But there was a Confederate spy in the Union camp, who managed to alert Lee to concentrate his forces. The battle was an important Northern victory, but very costly, and the Confederates were able to escape back to Virginia.

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