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What kind of muscle makes your heart?


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You call it as cardiac muscles. The muscle fibers contract rhythmically. The muscle fibers are attached to each other end to end. This facilitates the conduction of the impulse. The muscle fiber can be stimulated to give you contraction of the the same.

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heart is made up of only one kind of muscle cells which makes it a muscle tissue the type of the muscle is known as cardiac muscle!

cardiac muscle! Oh and if you say the heart doesn't have a muscle U R STUPID! It has a muscle

The heart is a muscle.

Cardiac Muscle, which is muscle tissue, makes up the heart muscle

The heart is a cardiac muscle

The heart is made up of 3 layers of cardiac muscle (different to voluntary and smooth muscle). Epicardium, myocardium and endocardium.

the cardiac muscle (the heart)

cardiac muscle makes up the heart

The heart is and involuntary muscle because you cannot contract the muscle.

The heart muscle prefers glucose for energy.

The heart is made up of cardiac muscle, which is a type of striated muscle.

The name of muscle which made up the heart is called cardiac muscle.

Your cardiac muscle makes your heart beat.

Your heart is a cardiac muscle which means it never stops and works on its own.

The cardiac muscle is the heart. The heart is in the cardiovascular system, despite that the tissue makes a muscle.

Cardiac muscle makes up the heart. You make have heard of cardiac arrest which is like a heart attack.

your heart and your eyes.

Cardiac muscle makes up the bulk of the heart. That tissue is made of cardiomyocytes or muscle cells.

Your heart is made of cardiac muscle tissue.

Cardiac muscle (as opposed to skeletal muscle or smooth muscle).

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