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Bad bearings in an alternator would make a grinding or roaring sound. If a Diode Plate is failing you might hear a buzzing sound in the radio that changes pitch with the speed of the engine.

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Q: What kind of noise would an alternator going bad make?
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What kind of noise would a bad bearing make in a 2002 cavalier?

Its kind of a grinding screeching metal on metal noise.

I have a 2003 cadillac deville and it will not turn on. when i put in the key and turn it does not make any kind of noise our will not do nothing at all what could it be?

start by checkn the Battery,I would put my lights on to see if they are workn, if they are not then it is your battery. If not could be your alternator.

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Don't ignore that kind of sound. Find out what is causing it and replace or repair the faulty part. A "grinding noise" can be caused by an alternator, water pump, idler pulley, heater fan motor, air pump or any of a long list of components, many of which can cause some serious problems if they seize or come apart.

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