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tisse-foil paper with 50x50 cm

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Q: What kind of paper and size does Satoshi Kamiya use for his ancient dragon?
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What are the instructions for making Bahamut Divine Dragon or the Ancient Dragon both Origami figures?

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My personal favorite is Kamiya Satoshi, whose "Divine Dragon" seems the epitome of the origami form up to this point. Eric Joisel's origami is more complex in its art form and certainly is the best of its kind.

How do you make an origami lizard?

You can go onto the website origamiway and learn how to make an origami paper dragon. They give you step by step instructions on how to make the dragon in 9 easy steps that are illustrated also.

WhAT paper does satoshi kamiya use?

Well its most commonly said tissue foil(which wouldn't be a terrible choice) but that cant be true. In the completed model parts of the back side show and there is no foil showing in pictures. Therefore the paper looks a lot like tissue paper, but the model would be a lot thinner, and couldn't form correctly if it was just one sheet of tissue paper. There isn't a set answer I think but my best guess is a double tissue paper(two pieces of tissue paper glued together).

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Why did shatoshi dye in corpse party?

Satoshi died in Corpse Party for using yuuyas paper from his own ritual.

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the paper used in ancient Egypt is called papyrus

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