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What kind of parks and activities are located in Oregon?

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What kind of cancer did Raymond parks have?

It is not known what kind of cancer Raymond Parks had. He was Rosa Parks husband and died in 1977.

Rosa parks was awarded what kind of metals?

what kind of metals were Rosa parks awarded and by who

Was Rosa parks kind or did she just act like it?

yes rosa parks was very kind

Is Rosa parks mean or kind?


In what kind of habitat does a buffalo live in?

Wild North American Bison are primarily located in National Parks, most notably, Yellowstone.

What kind of lumber is grown in Oregon?

Oregon Pine/Douglas Tree

What kind of birds is the bird of Oregon?

The state bird of Oregon is the western meadowlark.

What kind of interests did rosa parks have?


What kind of entertainment did Rosa parks do?


What kind of landfills can be used for parks?


What kind of birds there are in Oregon?

Red ones.

Did Rosa parks do drugs?

no she was a loving and kind person

What kind of chores did Rosa parks do when she was a child?


What kind of rides do amusement parks have?

roller coaters

What kind of dinosaurs lived in Oregon?

The only known dinosaur to live in Oregon was an unknown species of Hadrosaur.

What kind of activities are available at the Canobie lake park?

Located in Salem, New Hampshire, Canobie Lake Park has activities to delights everyone, including exciting roller coasters, games, delicious food and plenty of prizes.

What kind of oaks grow in Oregon?

oak trees

What kind of spiders live in Oregon?

Yes yes they do

What kind of eggs can you expect to see in Oregon?


What kind of weapons did they tack on the Oregon trail?


What kind of shoes did Rosa parks wear?

black heels

What kind of effects did Rosa Parks have on the world?

Cause she was stupid

What kind of work experience does Rosa Parks have?

she was a slavery person

What kind of pet did Rosa Parks have?

I don't think she had a pet

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i tink poor clothing ..

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