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Q: What kind of pastas will go with a cabernet sauvignon?
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Is there a list of pastas?

go to this website

What wine goes with pesto?

Play it safe and go Sauvignon Blanc, preferably from Sancerre, France.

Would you serve a viognier or a sauvignon blanc first in a tasting?

A sauvignon blanc should be served first, because it is not as sweet as a viognier. The etiquette for serving is to go from dry to sweet and from white to red, except for champagne. Both of these wines are dry! But Sauvignon Blanc should be served first as it lighter than viognier.

Can you drink cabernet sauvignon with roquefort cheese?

Yes you can drink anything you want with roquefort, however...#1. Serve Roquefort at room temperature. (Take it out first and let it sit on your cheese plate for 30min - 1 hour prior to serving)#2. Roquefort (and other blue's) go better with a stronger/ sweeter wine. Roquefort is very aromatic, and has a high salt content. I would serve it with a Port or a Bordeaux, however I have had a Sauvignon Blanc with some and it was very good aswell. Basically you don't want a weak wine. It has to stand up to the cheese.

Is there much diff in taste between burgandy and cabernet if using in a cooking recipe?

You will not taste a difference. go ahead and use either one.

What wine goes with chicken almond and prune casserole?

I'd go with a Sauvignon Blanc. It's storng enough not to weaken under the prunes and almonds.

What wine goes best with filet of cod?

Two good wines that would go well with cod are either a Pinot Gris or a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

What rhymes with emineh?

Mother's day, have your say, go away, disarray, hit the hay, Cabernet, tooth decay, washing day, into the fray, what are they?, fiance, disobey

What wines go with clams?

A dry white wine would go well with raw or steamed clams. Two suggestions are vinho verde from Portugal and Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. Both are crisp whites.

What wine goes best with lasagna?

This probably depends on what kind of lasagna you're having. If it's a traditional one, with heavy red sauce and beef, you'll want a wine that is red and dry with a good amount of acid. Many of the Italian wines fit the bill here, including Chianti, Brunello, Barolo, Rosso, or a Super Tuscan. If you want to go non-traditional, you could try a Zinfandel with good acidity, an American Sangiovese (the main grape used in a lot of Italian wines), or a Grenache

What white wine goes with stuffed chicken?

There are many white, rose and red wines that go well with stuffed chicken. Choices for white wine include Chardonnay, Vinho Verde and Sauvignon Blanc.

How do you pick wine?

All types of wine have different tastes. So, essentially, you'd pick the wine that has a taste that matches up with the dish you're serving. For read meat, steak, veal, or any other heavy protein that may not be that flavorful but is very heavy, I'd go with a red wine, maybe Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. For chicken, fish, pasta, and appetizers, I'd go with a nice, crisp white wine. I prefer white wine because it's lighter and crisper than reds. My preference (and the one I serve at parties) is Vinho Verde by Twin Vines. Check it out at

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Which wine to drink with calamari?

Generally with seafood, a nice dry riesling, pinot gris or sauvignon blanc. The lighter, fresh flavours and acidity will go well, especially with a little bit of lemon squeezed over the top of the calamari.

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Why are dried pastas and noodles sometimes preferred over fresh ones?

they can be more convienent. They last longer, and can be kept in cupboards instead of needing refridgeration. The fresh one's go bad quicker, and are more expensive too

What wine is best with New York strip steak?

A dry red wine is generally best with a nice cut of beef. Cabernet Sauvignon is my favorite choice, but a merlot or even a nice, spicy Zinfandel go very well too. In the end, it's all about your own personal taste. You have to try a lot of wines--with food--to figure out what you like best. Keep notes on what you try so you'll know what you liked and how much it cost. And don't be surprised if your tastes change over time. As you try more wines, you may find you like now what you didn't like in the beginning.

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