What kind of people are Caucasian?

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What is another name for white people?

White people in general are known as 'Caucasian'

Can caucasian people join street gangs?

Yes, Caucasian people can join street gangs.

What is the major religion of most Caucasian people?

The main religion of caucasian people is roman catholism.

What kind of people live in Iceland?

Normal people, most caucasian.You have a small portion of Americans and European people, and very few asian. Also the kind that eat human flesh.Scandinavians

Are Filipino's caucasian?

No Filipino's are not considered Caucasian... The people that are of Caucasian origin in Asia are south Asian, middle eastern,(west Asia), north Africa and central Asia. These are the people in Asia that are of Caucasian origins. East Asia, south east Asia are not of Caucasian origin.

What type of music do Caucasian people like to hear?

Same as non-Caucasian...

Is it Malay people caucasian?


What state has the most people of caucasian decent?

California. About 85% of California is of Caucasian decent, meaning about 32,300,000/38,000,000 Californians are Caucasian. (Caucasian includes whites, hispanics, middle easterns, and indians)

Are Polish people Caucasian?


What are the color of british people?


Are there more wealthy Caucasian people than wealthy African American people?

There are many more wealthy Caucasian people than wealthy African American people.

How many Caucasian players are there in MLB the NBA and the NFL?

None. Caucasian are people from the Caucasus mountain region.

Are Jewish people white?

People who are Jewish may be of many races, they could be Caucasian, Asian o or Black, the same as christian people who are Black,Asian or Caucasian.

What words can be used instead of white people?

Caucasian people

How do you spell the word for white people?


What is the official name for white people?


What is caucasian hair?

Hair that white people have

Is the religion of most caucasian people?


What race of people has the most tattoos?


Are Portuguese people Caucasian?

Yes, they are white(caucasian) just like spanish, german, italian, greek...ect

Another name for white people?

The name for white people is "Caucasian"

How many people have been affected by the measles?

Usually caucasian people

Which kind of people are gay?

Is this really a valid question? It's like asking what kind of people are Caucasian or what kind of people are Jewish. Although I myself am not gay, I urge all people to respect others. The school of thought in the scientific community is that most people do not make a conscious choice to be gay, despite what popular opinion may tell you.

Is Caucasian black?

If you're asked if you're Caucasian, that means what most people call White (which is actually pinkish tan).

How many caucasian people are in the us?

ninety million