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What kind of people did Hitler kill?

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== == == == == == * Jews * Gypsies * Communists * Social Democrats * Other Political opponents * Homosexuals (male) * Seventh Day Adventists
Six million European Jewsand millions of people in other groups , including ethnic Poles, the Romani, Soviet civilians, Soviet prisoners of war, people with disabilities, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, and other political and religious opponents. All in all between 11 million and 17 million people.

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What kind of children did Hitler kill?

Hitler killed Jewish children and people because he hated the Jews

What kind of people didn't hitler kill?

Hitler did not kill any race that was not Jewish. Any person that had any skin color was spared as long as they were not Jewish.

Did Hitler kill people himself?

No, Hitler did not kill people himself. Hitler had his own army (Hitler's Army) which helped him kill the Jew's.No

About how many people did Hitler kill?

Hitler did not kill them himself but the solders killed over millions of people

How many people planned to kill Hitler?

5 million Jews wanted to kill Hitler.

How did Hitler kill millions of people?

Mostly Hitler killed people by shooting them and gassing them.

What views did Adolf Hitler have about Jewish people?

to kill them to kill them

Did Hitler have a gun?

yes Hitler did have guns because he did kill people

What kind of people did Hitler kill in the holocaust?

Gays, Jews, gypsies (dark skinned travellers with no home),Disabled people, Hungarians, that's about it.

What kind of pistol did Hitler kill him self with?

His Walther pistol.

Did Hitler kill people who were handicapped?


Did Hitler kill people of his opposition?

yes,he did!

What kind of gun did hitler use to kill himself?

His Walther pistol.

Why did the death camp kill people?

The holocaust killed people because Hitler was stupid, and wanted to kill his own people! Hitler was a Jew, so he just wanted to get rid of them.

Did people try to kill Hitler?

There were several attempts to assassinate Hitler, all failed.

Why did Hitler kill Down syndrome people?

For the Quare

Did Hitler kill people with brown eyes?


Why did Hitler kill the Jews people?

because they were not in the race

What group of people did adolf Hitler kill?

the jews.

How did hittler kill the people that he killed?

Hitler really picked a race of people and had his empire kill that race

Why was Hitler wanted?

Lets see, he had people kill innocent people....

How many disabled people did Hitler kill?

HE Killed millions of people.

How and why did Hitler kill people?

Hitler put people in concentration camps and beat them to death yet some people say there was no holocaust

Did Hitler kill people for their meat?

no Hitler killed Jews because he wanted to get rid of all of them

Why did Hitler kill disabled people?

Because Hitler believed that they were no use to Germany and and disabled people that were 'curable' were taken to do experiments on.