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What kind of people interest Hitler?

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None, because he's dead.

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hitler only wanted white german people. that was his plan to be as for the master race of his inglorious vision.

Hitler killed Jewish children and people because he hated the Jews

People who have a vested interest in it.

Nazis, and people who believed that there could ever be a superior race.

to please Hitler, it started because the people at the front (the perpetrators) thought that it was the kind of thing that Hitler would approve of.

no hitler did not play sports his greatest interest was art.

Hitler wanted the homosexuals, Jewish, Gypsy's, Blind, or lame, or anyone who belived in there religion more then Hitler or who dissagreed with his policies and had the currage to say something.

Hitler did not kill any race that was not Jewish. Any person that had any skin color was spared as long as they were not Jewish.

Hitler influences people in many ways, To most the influence is that to not be like him and to never anyone to be a "Adolf Hitler". However, Hitler has influenced 10,000s to 100,000s of people in making attempeds to restore the Nazi Party and to carrying on Hitler's and the Nazi ideology. Also in the middle, Hitler does influence the kind of capability Human beings actually have and many psychologists do try to understand the criminal mind to guess how Hitler mind had work. Not all pyschologist do this, only a handful actually do this.

Blue Eyes, Blond Hair, Light Skin, Tall, Aryan,

Hitler did not want to join with Australia. he had no interest in the South Pacific, but was intent on conquering Europe.

Adolph Hitler was an artist (painter of scenery) and a veteran of WWI before he took and interest in politics.

Gays, Jews, gypsies (dark skinned travellers with no home),Disabled people, Hungarians, that's about it.

Yes, Hitler hated Jewish people.

Hitler misused his power by using it to murder millions upon millions of Jewish people. He tortured and gassed them, shot them and mistreated them in many other ways. Hitler was truly a great dictator, just not the right kind...

To interest as many people as possible, to sell more newspapers.

The Jewish people were the scapegoat for Hitler

No. He got other people to do that kind of thing. He was after all the Leader, the Supremo, the 'Godfather' as it were.

Mostly Hitler killed people by shooting them and gassing them.

This is a statement not a question

Well, in 1945 Hitler shot himself, so he kind of defeated himself.

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