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guys look for a lot of different things in girls. some look for a good sense of humor, a nice smile, intelligence, honesty, and loyalty

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โˆ™ 2010-09-30 15:14:22
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Q: What kind of personality does a guy like to see in a girl?
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Do guys like a shy girl?

Well it depends o the kind of guy. If the guy is very outgoing and bold then he wants a girl that can match his personality. If it is a shy guy then yes he would most likely like a shy girl.

What kind of body does a girl look for in a male?

it shouldn't matter what a guy looks like, what is important is their personality.

How do you make a girl to like you?

I am a girl so I would say, I like a guy who is a really good friend. Looks are important for me but the personality is too. Try to be kind I guess and try to be a funny and great friend - if you have the personality the girl likes then I guess you could build up from that.

How do you get a hot girl to like an okay guy?

See what kind of personality she has and she if you guys share the same interest and just be yourself. If someone doesn't like you for who you are then they are not meant for you.

What kind of girl does princton like?

It is hard to tell what type of girl Princton would like. Most guys like girls that are confident and attractive. Other guys like girls that are intelligent, independent, creative, and kind. The type of girl a guy likes would depend on his personality and goals in life.

What kind of personality do teen girls like in a guy?

Kind, Thoughtful, not into their ego, cute, funny

What do boys like from a girl?

That depends on what kind of person that guy is. ofcourse most guys will care about the "looks". if they like to hang out with you alot, than that means they like your personality. if a guy is always there, that means he truly cares about you. but you have to be careful on who you choose to like.

Does a guy like dark complexioned girl?

It really depends on the girl. but they'll mostly be looking at the personality.

What does a guy like in a girl?

A guy always likes a girl that isn't shy with him and is funny. they like it when your personalities are kind of the same.

What do girls like about a boy?

Answer: it depends on the girl not all girls want to have sex with a guy. sometimes its the guy's personality or his body or his smile his eyes that makes a girl like a boy.

What really attracts girls attention?

How a guy behaves and acts and there personality and looks but this depends on the kind of girl she is

Do you like a girl for her looks or her personality?

im a girl and im bie but both I would like a girl for her looks, but even if she wasn't very pretty I would still like her if her personality was good. Like if she was nice and a good student. I'm a Guy and i like girls who have a nice personality and if they are HOT it is an added bonus.

What if you liike a girl who's still interested in her ex-boyfriend?

If you like a girl who is still interested with her ex, then show her what kind of a guy you are. Show her your personality. When you see you and her clicking, ask her out and she just might forget her ex and try a new guy.

What does it mean when a guy says your are sweet and kind?

When a guy says you are sweet and kind it means just that ... you have a good personality; are kind and considerate and it's a great compliment to you. Sounds like this guy is really interested in you because he has picked out your good points in your personality.

Would a guy like a girl with a sweet personality?

Depends on who the guy is.. If he goes for down to earth girls, then yes... he would.. promise. :)

What do boys like in a girl-?

well almost every guy is different, but i think what every guy is looking for in to a girl is great looks and awesome personality. I personally prefer a girl with an aggressive attitude ;-)

Do guys like girls who cuss?

it completely depends on what kind of guy it is and what kind of girl you are

What is it about girls that guys like?

It depends on the person to be honest as boys change due to personality meaning that not every guy shall like the same girl and value the same qualities in a girl but the thing you have to remember is that you shouldn't change yourself to get a guy to like you as somewhere out there there is a guy, girl, person out their that will love you for who you are

What to wear when a guy like you?

Here is some advice from a guy where whatever you want and a guy likes a girl that shows her personality through her clothes

What kind of girl does an outgoing guy like?

An outgoing guy might like a girl who is outgoing as well. He may like a girl with a sense of humor, who likes to try new things, and is fun to be around.

What usually makes a guy like a girl?

Personality(: ... if not hes going for the other stuff.. you know what i mean?(;

Does harry from one direction like redheads?

Why wouldn't he? It doesn't matter what color the person's hair is. What matters is their personality and who they really are on the inside. Harry is not the kind of guy who would like a girl just because of their looks.

Would a guy ever kiss a girl he thought was unattractive?

You never know. If a girl is unattractive, but her personality is beautiful, that may lead to the guy wanting to kiss/like her. Looks are not everything.

How can a man be kind to a girl I mean how the girl feels that this guy is a kind guy?

You can show a girl that you are a nice guy in a few ways. You can be sweet, kind, loving, manners and do nice things for her.

Do Asian girls like white guys?

Probably. I'm an Asian girl and honestly, I like any kind of guy who likes me for being me. It doesn't really matter what their skin color is, just their personality.