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Red Ear Slider

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Q: What kind of pet turtle has orange on its face?
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What is the best kind of turtle to have as a pet?


Which type-of-turtle is the best for-a-pet?

The Red Eared Slider is the most common kind of pet turtle, so I'm guessing that the Red Eared Slider is the best kind of turtle for a pet. People do seem to like it!

What kind of turtle is good as a pet?

Any kind besides a snapping turtle. I'd reccomend a box turtle or a spotted one.

What does a wild painted turtle eat?

Worms, bugs, and turtle food from the pet store (the stick kind).

Can you tell me what kind of turtle has Yellow and orange stripes on the head of the turtle and the back is black and smooth texture the belly is orange can you help identify this turtle?

this type of turtle is called a soft back turtle. it is about 3 to 5 inches long including tale and is usually kept as a pet. O.k that other person up there is wrong..This is a red bellied turtle.Or a mix of a red bellied turtle and a red eared slider..So there is the correct answer :D

What is the most common kind of reptile pet in the US?

you can keep a turtle in a fish tank.Just call it a terrarium instead of aquarium. This is the answer turtle

How much can a pet turtle be?

A pet turtle can be about a 50 years old.

Can a pet turtle lay eggs?

Yes, a pet turtle can lay eggs.

Is a pet turtle a mammal?

A pet turtle is not a turtle, it is a reptile because it does not have hair and does not give birth like mammals do!

Is it allowed to keep a turtle as a pet in Norway?

I think so. My friend had a turtle as a pet.

Where did Peter get his turtle?

Peter got his turtle from the pet store. He bought it at the pet store.

Do you need a licence to have a pet turtle?

No, depending on the breed of turtle. The common box turtle, which is favorable as a pet, does not need a (( license. ))

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