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What kind of phrase is "If you save your money

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Q: What kind of phrase is if you save your money?
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What kind of phrase is under the table?

"Under the table" is a prepositional phrase. It is also an idiom that means to take money without reporting it to the government.

Will a solar water heater help us save money?

Yes if u want to save for energy and money the best deal is the solar water heater it will not cost on your bill and also very safe. Most people used this kind of product so they can save for money.

Does photo blocking spray work?

No, save your money. None of those kind of products work.

What kind of approach is when you save money ahead of a purchase or expense that you know is coming?

The Sinking Fund Approach

Is save the date trademarked?

No it is not trademarked. It is just an extrememly common phrase for weddings mostly, but the phrase itself "save the date" is not trademarked

Save Money on travel?

You can save Money while traveling.

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Give me a slogan or phrase to protect wildlife?

save nature and nature will save you

What is the Latin phrase for to save?

The Latin for "to save" as an infinitive is servare, conservare or liberare.

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