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You can keep your slider in a small outdoor pond stocked with small live feeder fish, small snails, and aquatic plants. You can also keep him in an 75 gallon plus indoor tank. You should always bring your turtle in for the winter to keep him from hibernating or from freezing to death.

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Q: What kind of pond should you keep your Red-Eared Slider in?
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In a 55 gallon tank can you keep a red eared slider and a lizard and what kind of lizard would be ok?

you shouldn't keep sliders with ANY kind of lizard

What kind of turtle is a slider turtle?

A slider turtle is basically like a category of turtles including the Yellow Belly Slider Turtle and the Red Eared Slider turtle.

What kind of pet turtle has orange on its face?

Red Ear Slider

What kind of fish red ear slider turtles?

i dont knoww

What kind of turtle is yellow and black stripes?

A yellow-bellied slider...

What kind of turtles fit in a 10 gallon water tank?

a slider

What kind of pitch is a slider?

A slider is a pitch in baseball that breaks laterally and down. It is not thrown at the velocity that a fastball is thrown at, but its velocity is faster than a curve ball. The break on a slider is not as big as a curve ball. The slider is similar to a cut fastball, but will break more than a cut fastball.

What kind of turtles can mate with red ear slider turtles?

It can only mate with it's own kind because if they mate with another turtle not the same type the baby turtle will not be healthy so they should only mate with there own kind

Which type-of-turtle is the best for-a-pet?

The Red Eared Slider is the most common kind of pet turtle, so I'm guessing that the Red Eared Slider is the best kind of turtle for a pet. People do seem to like it!

What types of turtles can a red ear slider mate with?

A Red Eared Slider can only "procreate" (have young) with another Red Eared Slider but they have been known to "mate" (have sex) with Yellow Belly Sliders. They probably wouldn't try to mate with any other kind of turtle, other than a Slider.

What kind of bugs do red eared slider eat?

mostly all bugs

What kind of meat to feed a red eared slider?

They eat gold fish

What kind of turtle has yellow spots on the neck and a red stripes on legs?

red slider

What kind of fruit and veggies are allowed to feed your baby red ear slider?


What kind of anaconda should you keep as a pet?

You can keep yellow anaconda which are smaller in size compared to green anacondas.

What kind of space do red ear slider turtles need?

For one red eared slider a 20 gallon tank and up is required.You can start doubling housing at around 60 gallons.

What kind of turtle is green with red spots on their head?

It sounds like a red eared slider

What kind of fish won't a red eared slider eat?

red eared slider turtle do not eat sharks. despite there ability to practically devour anything the sharks are to big to attempt to attack it. hence turtles do not try to attack them and red eared slider turtles don't eat them. :)

What should you do if you have a pregnant guppy and all the fish keep bothering it?

If you wish to keep the fry you should put her in a different tank or use some kind of livebearer trap for her to have her young in.

What kind of water do red eared slider turtles need?

Fresh what if you have salt water they might die

What kind of foods keep us active?

You should always eat apples and other fruits.

What kind of environment should you keep a horny toad in?

Something as close to their natural environment as possible.

What kind of turtle is black and orange and has a smooth shell?

either a red eared slider or an eastern box turtle.

What kind of food you give to red eared slider turtle?

Turtle pellets, feeder fish, fruits, etc.

Your turtle has orange-red stripes on the side of his head what kind of turtle do you have?

A red-eared slider, which is a semi-aquatic turtle.

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