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Q: What kind of power does Hosni Mubarak have over Egypt?
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Who is ruling Egypt right now and what kind of government is it?

Currently, Egypt is ruled by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. This started after Hosni Mubarak, the former president of Egypt, decided to resign following the Egyptian Revolution that started on January 25, 2011. This military rule is temporary until the next presidential election later this year.

What kind of government does Egypt have?

The Arab Republic of Egypt today has three branches of government:Executive:President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak,Prime Minister Ahmed Mohamed Nazif,A Cabinet appointed by the president.Legislative:264 seat Advisory Council,454 seat People's Assembly.Judicial:Supreme Constitutional Court.

What kind of powers did the people of ancient Egypt believe the pharaoh had?

they had the power to do anything they wanted

How did great pyramids benefit Ancient Egypt?

mainly as a kind of power symbol that the people could rally upon, also as a tourist location. mainly as a kind of power symbol that the people could rally upon, also as a tourist location.

Which is hottest Brazil or Egypt?

It kind of depends, but i think Egypt is hotter

What kind of government did Egypt have in 2009?

Egypt had a Presidential Dictatorship.

What decorations are used in Christmas in Egypt?

what kind of decorations does egypt use

What kind of religion does Egypt have?

Egypt has mostly Muslims and some Christians. ;)

What kind of big cat lives in Egypt?

there are three big cat in Egypt

What kind of protection did soldiers have during ancient egypt?

Ancient egypt had amor as protection as soldiers

What kind of money is used in Egypt?

Egyptian Pound are used in Egypt as money currency.

Was Zoser kind of Egypt?

i think

What kind of gov did Egypt have?


What kind of language was spoken in Egypt?

Copticodysseyware user

What kind of work did most people in Egypt do?

Jobs in Egypt are much the same as they are anywhere else.

Who was a wealthy boy king in Egypt?

The Wealthy Boy Kind in Egypt is Kind Tut he was about 10 or 11 when He became ruler he was not that wealthy but he is known for all the goods in his temple!

What kind of ruler was Pharaoh?

A pharaoh was an Egyptian king. He or she was said to be of divine origin, most of the time the son of the sun God. He or she had an absolute power but the priests were very powerful in Egypt as well.

What kind of transportation did they use in Egypt?


What kind of snakes live in Egypt?


What kind of houses does Egypt make?


What kind of dances do they do in Egypt?

they do the belly dance

What kind of animals were sacred to Egypt?


What kind of plants and animals are there in Egypt?


What kind of sports do Egypt have?

Egyptian Sports

What kind of recreation is there in Egypt?

France or italia