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Micah was a minor prophet, but a good prophet.


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Micah was a farmer and laborer , before he became a prophet.

Micah - prophet - died in -670.

Micah - prophet - was born in -740.

The Prophet Micah the Morashthite was from the tribe of Ephraim. He was killed by Joram, the son of Ahab.

Micah is the English name for Miqueas (the prophet)

Micah became a prophet in the same way that anyone becomes a true prophet of God. He was firstly called by God and then he was given a message to deliver.

Micah is called a minor prophet, not because he or his message was unimportant but because the book of Micah in the Old Testament is small. He prophesied before the fall of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Micah is thought to have been written around 742 - 687 BC. Micah was a contemporary of Isaiah and Hosea

Micah was a native of the village of Moresheth, SW of Jerusalem. As a resident of the fertile Shephelah, the prophet was well acquainted with rural living, from which he was inspired to draw meaningful illustrations.

Firstly Micah was called, like all true prophets, by God. it was in the time of King Jotham.

Information on the Biblical prophet Micah can be attained at a couple of interesting sites on the web. The most noteworthy is Chabad, which is a database of sorts on the Bible. The second is The Grace Institute.

God told Micah to speak to Israel's people. The prophet Isaiah also spoke messages from God to Israel's people at that same time. The message of the prophet Micah contains dire warnings, but also hope of restoration for Israel and all nations.

No, there were three prophets of God who followed Isaiah. Micah, Hosea, and Jeremiah. Hosea was from the Northern Kingdom, Micah and Jeremiah were from the Southern kingdom.

The prophet Micah. (Micah 5:2) True to these words, Jesus was born in the Judean village of Bethlehem in what is now called the year 2 B.C.E

People did not use surnames at that time, so the prophet Micah had no surname.

God's prophet Micah. (Micah 5:2) True to these words, Jesus was born in the Judean village of Bethlehem in what is now called the year 2 B.C.E

Micaiah (מיכיהו Mikay'hu) was the son of Imlah, a prophet in the Hebrew Bible. He is not the same as the prophet of the Book of Micah, also called "The Morasthite" to distinguish him from Micaiah.

Details are not exact, born 737BC died 690BC, so 47 years of age

Micah wrote to the people of Judah to warn them that God's judgment was approaching because they had rejected God and his law. Micah also encouraged the godly few, assuring them that judgment would not permanenty destroy Israel. The nation would eventually be restored. Micah is the sister book of Isaiah. Jesus Christ is portrayed as a Witness against rebellious nations.

Micah, the Biblical prophet, lived about 2750 years ago, in about 750 BC, during the time of Isaiah. He lived in a small town (Moresheth) so., of Jerusalem. He was a contemporary of Isaiah, but it is not known if the two had ever met. Micah predicted the downfall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple, which were fulfilled by the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in about 586 BC and again by the Romans in 70 AD. The Temple has not been rebuilt since that destruction. Jerusalem was destroyed a second time by the Romans in about 135 AD. Micah has famous prophecies including the coming of the Messiah (5:2-4), and that the little town of Bethlehem would be the birthplace of the Messiah. Micah, means "Who is like Yah?" implying "there is none like Yah". Micah was the first prophet to foresee Jerusalem's destruction as a punishment for the city's sins against the Lord. "Zion shall be plowed as a field, Jerusalem shall become heaps of ruins, and the Temple Mount a shrine in the forest" (Micah 3:12).

No, the Christians do not recognise Mohammed as any kind of prophet.

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