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It really depends highly on the type of position (whether it is in-bound calls or out-bound calls) but aside from the common interview questions (previous work experience, how you interact with others, etc) you can expect to receive questions in pertains to: -how do you handle upset/beligerent callers? -are you able to multitask? -are you able/willing to converse on the phone for 8+ straight hours (depending on how busy the call center is)? -are you able/willing to make calls in order to sell products (if it is an out-bound call center) -how do you get along with others in general (are you kind hearted or do you get upset easily)? That's just a sampling, but most of the questions will pertain directly to your job duties so study the position well and find out what they are looking for. The best preparation comes from knowing the company and knowing what the position entails. Like I said, it depends a lot on the call center itself, but the important thing is knowing what kind of call center it is and what the future employer is looking for (and of course if you are a match for the job). They normally ask some thing about us.Where we have to describe about us our privious job profile(if experienced),our name and location,qualification,professional qualification,hobbies etc.The intention behind asking this type is question is not that they want to know the truth about u, but your way of conversation,quality of your accent,the way you describe yourself.They want to check with your grammer.So its better that u prepare well for grammer.Even a single grammatical mistake can disqualify u.

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Q: What kind of questions are asked when being interviewed for a in bound call center position?
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