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Are you gay? No Do you think the Dallas Cowboys will can beat the New England Patriots if they meet again? no

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Q: What kind of questions do you ask a guy?
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What kind of questions to ask a guy you really like?

ask if he is single

Why is the guy who answers these questions so bizarre?

Why ask why, guy? You are who YOU are...

Truth questions to ask a guy?

It depends on what kind of relationship there is between the 2 of you, his age and what he would feel comfortable answering.

Questions to ask a guy who likes you and who you like back?

ask him if he wants to hang out sometime. or ask him questions to get to know him better.

Im playing truth or truth with one of my guy friends what questions should you ask?

if you notice that he looks at you in a kind of mushy way you should ask him do you like me?

What are questions you can ask a boy?

Ask them what kind of girls they're into

What kind of questions do historians ask when they study the past?

they ask why

If you like a boy what kind of questions should i ask?

It all depends on what kinda guy it is. Yah know the type of things hes into. So if yah wanna know what kinda questions to ask. Just ask about things that he would be interested in.

What questions do adjectives ask?

Adjectives ask these questions: which one, what kind, how many, how much, whose.

What questions should you ask a guy to get to know him better?

ask him what he likes to do for fun

Hard questions to ask a guy?

well i know alot because since i always ask my bf hard questions . and this web site has mostly all of them i know

How do you get to know a guy when you're shy?

You let them ask you questions or you ask them basic questions like what is your favorite color? or who is your favorite football team? Ask basic questions.

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