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What kind of questions do you ask to get a conversation started?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-24 00:26:30

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Where are you from? Where do you like to vacation, the beach or the mountains? Simple stuff.

2006-07-24 00:26:30
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Q: What kind of questions do you ask to get a conversation started?
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What a good conversation of endangered species?

ask questions to WHO your talking to also give facts to get it started

What are ways to start a conversation without asking questions?

What are ways to start and expand the conversation without the use of questions when i ask questions people get annoyed because it sounds more like an interview more than a conversation. What are ways to have a question free conversation.

Do not know an aunt what to say to her?

Allow her to talk to you and ask you questions since you do not know her or what to say then as your conversation evolves you may have questions for her and don't be afraid to ask her.

What 10 questions should you ask a new girl friend?

There are no specific questions that you should ask her. Just talk with her and let a conversation develop as it goes.

How do you carry on a good telephone conversation?

ask eachother questions and answer would u ever

Good conversation for a girl?

Ask her questions about herself. Where is was raised, her family, her hobbies etc.

What questions do adjectives ask?

Adjectives ask these questions: which one, what kind, how many, how much, whose.

What are questions you can ask a boy?

Ask them what kind of girls they're into

What to talk about with a boring guy?

Make him less boring ask him questions then tell him to ask you. The conversation can get pretty interesting if you ask questions. A question that you could ask him is do you think im pretty or who are the prettiest girls you know.

How do you make an interesting conversation with a person?

the way you can make an interesting conversation with someone is to ask questions about their favorite hobbies, what kind of music they listen to, and just things about them, then eventually it happens to everyone you will find something you have in common then you will just click form their

What kind of questions did philosophers ask?

They asked questions about anything which they did not understand.

What kind of questions can science ask?


How do you ask questions?

Plan your questions. ... Know your purpose. ... Open conversation. ... Speak your listener's language. ... Use neutral wording. ... Follow general questions with specific ones. ... Focus your questions so they ask one thing at a time. ... Ask only essential questions.

How do you make conversation on the phone?

Display interest in the other party- ask questions that get them to tell you about themselves.

What kind of questions to ask a guy you really like?

ask if he is single

What do you ask a boy?

Well if your texting him or if your talking to him In person...if you ask him random questions about them(to get to know them better), it might spark up a conversation!

What kind of questions can you ask your friend?

I considered that all questions may be asked.

How do you keep a text conversation going with a girl you like please help ASAP and please no joaking?

To keep a conversation going with a girl you need to ask her questions and see what the two of u have in common. Also give her suddle hints to who you are and the kind of things you like so she has something to work with when it comes to her asking u questions.

How do you approach a stranger girl?

You approach her by starting up a conversation. Ask her questions, find her interest and so on.

How do you star a conversation with a girl?

Well just go up to her or txt her and say hey snd ask her wht is shevdoing and then ask her if she wants to play 20 questions ( a game where u ask each other questions)

What kind of questions would you ask on here?

I would ask questions that wouldn't give away personal information and questions that I think would be easy to answer.

What is the meaning of ping pong conversation?

Ping-pong conversation refers to a conversation style, that, like ping-pong, goes "back and forth" between two participants. Neither person dominates the conversation, but they ask and return questions and answers.

What are reasonable question to ask a guy to get to know him better?

Don't ask him if you can know him better. There are better ways to find out stuff. Ask him crazy questions about him that you can come up with. If you need help with that, you can probably do a google search on conversation questions.

How you get started with

join up, sign in and ask and answer questions how simple can it get?

Why do salesperson need to ask both open and closed questions during sales presentation?

Ask open questions when you really want to get info from prospects and start a conversation. Ask closed questions just to break up the monotony and to get people to think and follow you more easily.