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Hello: Weaver offers a scope base for the Marlin Model 512 Slugmaster, contact Weaver for a complete package. Thanks side scope mount (Weaver 10M)

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โˆ™ 2005-12-07 16:13:38
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Q: What kind of scope rings do you need to mount a scope on a model 512 slugmaster bolt action shotgun you have the side plate?
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Where can you find a scope mount for bolt action 3030 Stevens model 325a?

you can get that mount at mid way

Can you mount a scope to a Wards and Western Field Model 35 Shotgun Where can you find the mounting rings?

I dont find any reference to a WesternField Model 35 as a shotgun. The Model 35 rifles were made by Mossberg... If you can send us a digital picture of the gun, we can identify it for you and give you direction on how to mount a scope.

Looking for a scope mount for Jc Higgins shotgun model 583.23 p?

you have to make one

How can you mount a scope on a Winchester model 1300 defender pump shotgun?

Have it drilled and tapped by a good gunsmith.

Can i mount a scope on a model 514 rimfire bolt action 22?

Best left to a good gunsmith

Can a scope be mounted on the western field model 175 20 gauge bolt action shotgun?

Yes, it can- with the services of a gunsmith. The gun would need to be drilled and tapped, and a left side scope mount added. Frankly, that will cost more than the gun itself is worth. -- answer by C3 Shooter

How do you mount a rifle sling onto the Model 94 Winchester 3030 lever action model 94?

Talk to a gunsmith. There is more than one way.

You are looking for a scope mount that will fit a JC Higgins bolt action 22 caliber The model number is 10516?

I have a J. C. Higgins model 10516 with the original 4X scope . The scope mount says J.C. Higgins 4X PATD , MFD by W.R. Weaver Co. El Paso TX. IT also has N3 stamped on the mount. Hope this helps.

How do you mount a rifle sling onto the Winchester 3030 lever action model 94?

Talk to a gunsmith. There is more than one way.

Where can you get a scope mount for a Glenfield Model 84 bolt action rifle?

Gun shop, gun show, want ad, pawn shop

Can i find a scope to mount on mossberg 190KB 16 gauge bolt action shotgun?

Unlikely, but contact havlin Sales through their website. They are the "go-to" company for ANYTHING related to Mossberg- and very nice people to deal with.

Where can you get an after-market scope mount for a 12 gauge JC Higgins Model 20 pump shotgun?

Your shotgun was made by High Standard for sears from 1947 to 1962 its an old gun .Old vintage shotguns should be used and appreciated for what they are and not what they are not .and what you would like to do would not be suitable for the old girl get a newer gun for that.and simply use and enjoy you old shotgun in its day their was absolutely nothing on the market better and they are still a very good shotgun

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