What kind of sickness is it when you have headaches every sick stomach and it only hits you every every hour to 2 hours?


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Pregnancy can be like that, with morning sickness and malaise that lasts all day.

A hangover can definitely do that.

A Norwalk-like virus (norovirus), picked up from a buffet counter or other food service area, can have those symptoms.

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For headaches, I would recommend 600 Mgr, or 3 red coated pills, of Ibuprofen, every 8 hours and after eating something, never with empty stomach.

you might You can get sickness. So take a brake every 30min. Concentrating on the monitor for so long at a stretch can create eye strain. Such eye strain can cause headaches and potential long-term effects. This is why there are recommendations to take a break after about two hours. This will allow the eyes to relax.

no it is not could cause sickness and stomache problems

The duration of Bone Sickness is 1.63 hours.

No. Migraines are characterized as headaches which last 4 hours to several days. If you have headaches which are characterized by coming every day, for a short time, at the same time every day, you may have Cluster Headaches.

Yes, at least I think he does. He's a clean and refreshed man. He washes his stomach every 2 hours.

After food is digested in the stomach -- which takes about 3-4 hours -- it leaves the stomach. Chyme (or food and stomach acid) enters the small intestine at a rate of about 100-300 ml every hour. Depending on how much you ate (the average meal is probably 600-800 ml after digestion), food can be in your stomach anywhere from 3.5 hours to 7 hours.

Pretend you have a bad belly ache. Every five minutes, clutch your stomach and act like it hurts. Do that for a couple of hours. Then do it every three or four minutes for a couple of hours. Do it every two minutes for a couple of hours. That's what labor is like.

Motion sickness can last quite a long time if you get very sick. This sickness could last many long hours.

Taking vitamin B6 is an excellent idea when you're pregnant. My friend had terrible morning sickness and her doctor recommended trying it and it worked very well. Also it helps to eat every 1-2 hours, not a full meal, but saltines or something else easy on the stomach. And definitely liquids.

Cyclizine is used for motion sickness and vomiting. It is taken 30 minutes before departure and can be repeated every four to six hours as needed.

it stays in the stomach for 4 hours

2 every 4 hours or as prescribed by your doctor no more than 6 a day otherwise your stomach will be upset

Once every 24 hours. At the equator, that is 40,000 km. every 24 hours.Once every 24 hours. At the equator, that is 40,000 km. every 24 hours.Once every 24 hours. At the equator, that is 40,000 km. every 24 hours.Once every 24 hours. At the equator, that is 40,000 km. every 24 hours.

Some people can have headaches that last for days.

No, you do not want to mix two anti-inflammatory medications. These are hard on the stomach and can cause internal bleeding if you overdose on them. Naproxen should be taken every twelve hours, so you can take something else after 10 hours. Indomethacin should be taken every 8 hours, so you can take something else after 6 hours.

Amoxicillin is given every 6 hours, given 220 mgs every 4 hours will be Ok for a small , young or a very skinny adult patient, treatment has to be for 10 days at least.

Depending on what bug it is. Most bugs are still contagious after 48 hours.

I've found that to relieve the symptoms of fevers and headaches it's best to take chocolate Paddle Pops about every 2 hours (This is legitimate, it works).

food is in your stomach from any where from 20 minutes- 2 hours

A few hours if that as all food entering the stomach starts to be dissolved by the acids in the stomach.

The first indicators of radiation sickness are nausea and vomiting. Symptoms will begin within the first six hours after over exposure.

it goes in to your esophagus and is store in the stomach in several hours.

You will begin to digest it when it reaches the stomach. It will be completely digested in about 12 hours.About 12 hours.

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