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Q: What kind of singing did pope gre gory begin?
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WHAT IS ITALian for the pope is singing?

Il Papa sta cantando

Is Sister Lucille Pope still living?

lucille pope & the pearly gates still alive, singing for the lord

When did Pope John Paul II begin as pope?

He was elected on Octber 16, 1978.

When did the Crusades begin and who was the pope?

the pope was pope urban II and the crusades started in 1096.

When did Pope John Paul II begin term?

Pope John Paul II began his papacy on October 16,1978.

When did the 4th crusade begin?

it began in 1202 by Pope Innocent the third

Why are only Cardinals allowed to choose the Pope?

Roman Catholic AnswerTechnically God chooses the Pope working through his instruments, the Cardinals. They are the electors of the Pope as that is their job, that is why they are Cardinals to begin with.

What kind of phone does Cassadee Pope have?

She has an iPhone.

What kind of personality does Pope Francis have?


Who is the Christian saint of chants chanting?

St. Gregory the Great, who was the Pope that formalized and promoted this form of singing, eliminating other singing that was from less than sacred sources.

What kind of music did Pope Gregory make?

None, Pope Gregory promoted plain song, which, later, became know as "Gregorian Chant" due to his patronage. But, he did not begin it, it already was in the Church for centuries, and is rooted in the Jewish chant used in the synagogue.

How do you get the job of being the Pope?

There is only one, and you begin by joining the clergy in the Catholic church.