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What kind of social problem-solving or technical skills are required for Software Design?

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What kind of computer software would you use to produce technical drawing of a product?

CAD software, which stands for Computer Aided Design.

What is a software engineer designer?

Software engineers and designers research, design, evaluate, integrate and maintain software applications, technical environments, operating systems, embedded software, information warehouses and telecommunications software.

What is a software process?

A structured set of activities required to develop a software system. Specification Design Validation Evolution

Why Operating system is required to design any software application?

In the same way that is required computer to post this question

A Career as a Software Developer?

Software applications require a variety of technical professionals to design them from conception to completion. Software developers are part of a software design team. They uses a variety of technical tools and programming languages to create software's functionality. Many software developers specialize in specific types of tools and programming languages. Those with skills using the latest development tools and technologies are often in high-demand by employers.

Where can one find information about graphic design software?

Information on graphic design software can be found at places like Adobe and AIGA. Courses are offered at many colleges and universities. ITT Technical Institute includes it in their curriculum.

What is the most useful website design software?

Web Studio 5.0 is a great website design software package. Now I admit I don't know a lot about website design software but this package is easy to use, doesn't take much time and they have great technical support. Even a novice could design a great website in no time at all. I may even try it! Check them out at

What is data design in software engineering?

data design in software engineering

3 If a software design is not a program and it isn't then what is it?

If a software design is not a program (and it isn't), then what is it?

What means software design?

Software design means that a person will create or modify software that is used on a computer. Software design includes writing programs, modifying programs, and fixing bugs.

What courses does a software programmer have to do?

You need to be proficient at SOLID principles of technical design. This is the basis of good object-oriented design. Of course you need to be familiar with general OO concepts. Then, you should have training on software architecture in order to create scalable software. You can find these courses at Pragmatic Skills at (link moved to link section)

Software design specification?

In MIL-STD-2167A this is divided into 2 documents:SRS (Software Requirements Specification)SDD (Software Design Document)The SRS is usually written by a Systems Engineer to tell software what the program must do.The SDD is written by the Software Engineers to tell howthe program does that.

Can you use computer software to design a boat?

Computer software can be used to design a boat.

What are the two levels of Software design process?

The design process for the software has two levels. 1. system design or top-level design 2. detailed design or logic design

What kind of training is required for working in software project management?

There is not any one specific training that is required for working as a software project manager. However in depth knowledge of applications development, logical and physical database design and networking are needed.

What is the Difference between conceptual and technical design?

Conceptual Design• written in customer's language• explaining the observable external characteristics ofthe system• contains no technical jargon (If it does, define it.)• describes the functions of the system• is independent of implementation• is linked to the requirements documentsTechnical design• describes of major hardware components and theirfunctions• shows hierarchy (organization) and functions of thesoftware components• shows data structures and data flow• shows interfaces

How have computers help design packages?

install the package design software in the computer, then design package on computer, kasemake is a great package design software.

Which type of software is used for creating a slide show?

presentation softwear

How do you access the quality of software design?

Quality of a software design can be accessed as Robustness, extendibility etc.

When was Creo - design software - created?

Creo - design software - was created in 2011.

Why the system analyst should install and test the required new hardware and software?

to be able to see whats going on in the design phase that was been previously created and so with the design of the gui

What is the best jewelry design software?

Hello Everyone, The best 2D software to design jewelry or Trace the jewelry for technical drawing would be CorelDraw. I am a Jewelry Designer for 5 years now and have been using CorelDraw and Illustrator to make the tech specs. But the flow and accuracy that I can achieve with CorelDraw is not even remotely achieved by Illustrator. Illustrator is wonderful software for Graphic Designer and evrything, but when it comes to Hard Core Jewelry technical drawing, its CorelDraw, in my opinion.

What college courses are required for a design engineer?

A design engineer must take a full variety of course ranging from mathmetic courses to courses in actual design. The courses can also require knowledge of a variety of software and programs used in modern design engineering.

Which technical review is required for a successful Milestone B prior to the Engineering and Manufacturing Development Phase and occurs when all major design issues have been resolved in the system pr?

Preliminary Design Review (PDR)

What is punch software?

Punch software is an easy to use home design software that works on both Windows and Macs. It allows you to do landscape design, interior design, and kitchen and bathroom design as well as whole house plans.