What kind of soldiers did the civil war have?

The Civil War saw many kinds of soldiers. There were men, and there were boys, some even as young as 11 or 12. Some enlisted, some were drafted, and some commissioned, but most soldiers enlisted, themselves, or were drafted, later on.

Certainly many men and boys were brave to enlist. Many were also quite terrified, after seeing and partaking in their first battle. Many wished they'd never enlisted, and many wanted to leave to return home to their familes.
Most soldiers were incredibly lonely, and missed their familes and loved ones immensely. Young teenage boys who ran away from home to enlist, thinking it would be an exciting adventure, were scared, lonely and missed their parents and homes.

Some African-Americans fought in the War, for the Union, and there were in fact several divisions consisting completely of them.
At least 300 women also contributed to the war as spies, nurses and soldiers. The ones who were soldiers disguised themselves to look like men, and fought alongside in many of the most well-known battles. Sarah Edmunds was one of these women, and she was not only a soldier, but a spy, for the Union.