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It is probably a house spider if it has light tan marks on it's back

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Q: What kind of spider has a brown head and legs with a light brown body?
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What kind of spider isSmall spider with dark brown bottom almost black and brown head ans light brown legs in your house?

Any spider found in my house is a dead spider.

What kind of spider has a light brown abdomen and an orange body with one eye on its head and black mandibles like pincers. 3cm in length approx?

A Woodlouse Spider!

What spider is brown with a black strip down the entire head and body and has straight legs?

grass spider

What spider has black and orange striped legs and a kinda white head and brown body?

house spider

What kind of spider has a brown body with white stripes on its head?

Spiderman's Uncle

What kind of spider has brown round body and black round head no fur and one quarter inch long?

What kind of spider has brown body and black round head and one half inch long?

What is the name of the spider that has an orange body and legs and has a brown head and 6 brown spikes and a brown smiley face pattern on it's back?

that is a cat faced spider

Brown spider with yellow stripe on its head?

A brown spider with a yellow stripe on its head is a wolf spider. The wolf spider may sometimes have an orange stripe on their head also.

What kind of spider is large black or dark brown body with brown legs and a brown stripe down its head?

I think it might be a Black Widow

What spider has light tan almond shaped thorax with small dark brown head?

negros natures racoons

What kind of spider had a black head and brown butt?

brown widow

What kind of snake has light brown body with black head?

I think it is a plain black head snake.

What spider has a green body and a dark red head?

The male green jumping spider has a dark red head and a bright green body. The scientific name for this spider is Mopsus Mormon.

What kind of bird has a green iridescent body with a brown head?

yellow body brown head bird

What spider has a brown butt brown legs black head and it looks like a fly is head and butt?

Bloosem Tree no its britney!

What type of a spider is a Small brown spider with a ball like body?

That could be anything, there are 100s of spiders that fit that description, please rephrase the question with the area, climate and place that you've seen the spider and a more accurate description. This kind of spider was in my house in PA. It has the body size of about a little larger than a pencil point, in a ball shape, but the body was larger than the avg. size of the head. Has think brown legs. Body is kinda like a black widow.. but brown and much smaller..

What bird has an irridescent green head and brown body?

A mallard is a bird that has an iridescent green head and brown on the body. The ring necked pheasant is another bird with a brown body, and an iridescent green head.

What are the main body parts of a spider?

head legs eyes

What two main sections does a spider body have?

Head and abdomen

What breed has a brown head and white body with light brown spots?

Might be an English Springer Spaniel, a Pointer, a liver collie to name but a few.

What kind of spider looks like it has a black head and legs with a grey body with spikes on its back?

the spider is the crab spider

What insect has an orange body with a black head and brown wings?

beetle is the insect that has orange body with a black head and brown wings

How many sections of the body does a spider have?

A spider has two sections, the head and the cephalathorax (seen as "the butt" of the spider). On a bug there would normally be three sections: the head, abdomen, and thorax.

What breed of dog has a brown head and a white body with light brown spots?

That is a German Shorthair Pointer. My dog is the same kind. Aren't they so cute?

What spider has grey body and purple head in Michigan?

Be more specific