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The brown recluse spider is the kind of spider that has a brown oval mark on its back. This spider's bite is extremely deadly to animals and humans.

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A spider that is black with a tan mark on its back might be a brown recluse spider. This might also be a brown widow spider or a common house spider.

If you look on the back it mite have a small violin mark where the eyes are. If it does, the its a brown recluse spider do not touch!

If the red mark is in the shape of an hourglass, and on the underside of the abdomen (not on the top), it might be a Brown Widow Spider. However, Brown Widows only live in certain areas, so it really depends on where you live.

I think what you have described is a brown recluse and or wolf spider, nonvenemous

A black widow spider is black with a red mark on it's abdomen; this might or might not be what you meant. The black widow sometimes has a red mark on her back, as well. The red backed spider of Australia, a relative of the black widow, has an orange red mark on the back.

A black spider with a red mark and green fangs might be a black widow spider. This spider is very venomous and its bite can kill a human if treatment is not received soon after a bite.

A black widow is a spider with a red mark on its 'back'

Well, its funny that you asked because i am studying spiders! They are about half the size of your nail, and they have a sall violin shaped mark on their back. They are the color brown.

If the mark is red it's a black widow

You are thinking of a Brown Fiddle Back Spider! And yes!!! Very very very poisonous!They live in these areas................. Oklahoma,Kansas.Texas,Nebraska,Louisiana,Arkansas,Missouri,Iowa,Mississippi,Tennesse, Kentucky,Indiana,Alabama,and Geogia!!! --------------------------- The Brown Recluse spider (or, "Violin Spider") is called the Violin Spider because of it's mark on it's back. It looks like a black (or in some cases, red or white) violin on it's back. It is indeed one of the most poisonous spiders in the world. It has an acid-like venom that melts skin tissue, fat & muscle.

Closely related. Black widow has an hour glass red mark underneath its abdomen while the red back has a red mark (not hourglass) on top of its abdomen.

If the red swollen mark at the back of your hand seems like a raised red welt and there is a spot on the middle and feels so itchy and painful, then probably it is a spider bite.

it is sort of a brown/tan color and in the middle of the spider you will see some sort of a violin and if you do see one be extremely cautious! Don' get bit!!

Brown Recluse Spider?A brown recluse spider, also know as a violin spider, is approximately one inch long and has a mark the shape of a violin on its upper back. It usually stays in undisturbed areas, such as closets, attics and basements. They are not aggressive spiders, but if trapped or held against the skin they can bite and release a poisonous toxin. Black Widow Spider?A black widow spider is black, small and shiny. They are button shaped with a red hour-glass mark on their stomachs. Their bites can release a toxin that can damage the nervous system and require immediate medical attention. FOR MORE INFORMATION AND A VIDEO GO TO:

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Is it a smiley face crab spider? I usually go to for my bug questions. Just type yellow spider in the search and look through the pictures. Sounds like a garden spider. Non poisionous and has a zig zag white mark in its web.

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