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  1. brown recluse
  2. false black widow
  3. wolf spider
  4. cave tooth spider
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Q: What kind of spider is white or creamy in color with a black bottom part?
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What color is black widow spider?


How can you identify a baby black widow?

You Check the color of the spider, it is gonna be the same color of a adult spider. Or bring a book about Black Widows with you!

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Red, blue and the center is a black spider.

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brown or black

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brown to black

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not all spiders are black, and if they are, well they just are. that's the way that spider is. like why do you have brown or blond or black or whatever color hair you have? its how it is.

What is on the back of a black widow spider?

The American Black Widow should have nothing upon its back but the black color it is. Specfically, the hour glass is on the belly of the spider.

What color is Charlotte in Charlottes Web?

Charlotte was a black spider in the cartoon.Charlotte was a yellow spider in the real life.

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usually red or black depens on what spider it is.

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What kind of spider is black with a red abdomen?

If the red color is in the shape of an hourglass it is a black widow.

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Black spider with red spot on back?

The black widow is a spider that is black in color and has a red spot on its back. The red spot is in the shape of an hour glass and they are very venomous.

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