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The Argiope aurantia, or more commonly known as the bannana spider.

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Argiope aurantia, or the black and yellow garden spider, lives in California and has two yellow stripes running lengthwise down its back. They are not dangerous to humans.

the one that comes from a yellow and brown and black butterfly

if it is a small spider then I'm geussing that it is a wolf spider (shudder) or more commonly known as a garden spider maybe?

Spider is light brown with gold or yellow diamond back

a trancular a very common 1 aswell

Black and Yellow Garden Spider

It's probably a goldenrod spider, which can change color from white to yellow and back. See

The name of the spider is Phidippus Audux. It is a jumping spider.

I believe this spider friend of yours is a jumping spider, although there are lots of other spiders out there who are yellow, grey, black, orange and brown.

which caterpillar is green with yellow stripes

A brown widow spider native to Florida but have been found in Arizona near moist, water areas. could be an illegal alien, sheriff Arpaio, or Obama. definitely not a spider.

Graham's Crayfish Snake is brown with tan stripes.

that kind of spider thats what

i have a spider that is black with a white strip on its back?

It is not a brown recluse. I had a spider on my front porch and i researched it and it is a type of wolf spider. But just in case... just leave it alone. If it is in fact a brown recluse or another poisonous spider it can have a nasty bite! Good luck!

Please help with this. Please? My grandfather wanted me to find out.

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