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We use 100% Rayon Strings, it looks plush and rich. Polyester Strings does not look good.

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Q: What kind of strings do you use to make string curtains?
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Can you make strings out of wool in minecraft?

No, but you can make wool out of string.

How do string instruments make sounds?

the vibration off the strings comes off the strings to make a noise

How do you make a two string pulley?

With a pully and two strings

How do you make a string vibrate quickly?

Shorter strings vibrate at a higher frequency than longer strings.

Why is the guitar in the strings family?

because it has STRINGS and freats.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------String instruments have strings stretched over a box or board. The violin, guitar and banjo are string instruments. Sound is made by plucking the strings. (The piano is a percussion instrument because its strings are struck.)The pitch of these instruments depends on the length, thickness and tightness of the strings. The longer the string, the fewer the vibrations and, therefore, the lower the pitch.Tight, thin strings make sounds with high tones. Loose, thick strings make lower tones.

Is the piano a string instrument?

yes it is it has strings on the inside that are pulled to make the sound

How does a string instrument make sound?

Pluck the difrent strings make it deveolp diffrent sound!

How would you change the length of a string to create a higher pitch?

Shorten the string. Shorter strings make higher pitches (e.g. violin); longer strings make lower pitches (e.g. double bass).

What does rosin do to a bow?

It helps you play a lot better on the strings by the rosin sticking to the strings so when you play, the bow won't slip off the string and make you go to a different string.

How do they make violin strings?

String G, D and A is made out of Animals Gut and string E is made from a type of metal I think :)

What are the names of all the oil feeling guitar strings?

coated strings, they dip them in something to make the new string sound last longer.

How many strings are on a bass guitar?

The standard bass guitar has four strings, but five-string basses are common. The six-string bass, as used by bassists Oteil Burbridge and John Myung (of Dream Theater), is less common. Six string bass is used by Jack Bruce, but four strings is common. There can be any number of strings on a bass, but it wouldn't make sense to make one with 55 strings. There are few 9 stringers out there, which is a shame.Traditionally, it has four.

How do you start square gimp?

take two colored gimp strings cross then or make a ex then take the string that's under and make two loops then put the loose strings over and under straight and do it again with other string then pull all 4 strings in different derections

Which type of music-instrument is a pianoforte?

Percussion and string, it has strings inside the piano and it makes sound by pressing down the key(percussion) which make a gravitate motion to make the hammer strike the inner strings(strings) .

What is a guitars opening string?

That question does not make sense?? If you are refering to:"what are the 'open' strings on a guitar?..they are as follows(big string to littlest string): E-A-D-g-b-e. these are the strings going from 'closest to your chin going down toward your feet', they are considered 'open strings' when strummed with/out holding any 'frets' down..Strummed together they make the 'open chord of

Which type of percussion-instrument is a pianoforte?

A piano is both a percussion instrument and a string instrument. Inside a piano, tiny hammers strike strings to make pitches. It is a string instrument in that the strings are what vibrate to make the sound, but it is a percussion instrument in that it has a keyboard and strikes to make sound.

How does a violin give a sound?

The bow makes the strings vibrate, causing the string to make sound.

Is a five-string an acoustic guitar?

it would be a 5 string bass , but you can put piccolo strings on it to make it play like a normal acoustic.

How do you string a converse shoe?

Well you would stART by sticking the strings through the bottom part of the shoe but make sure that the strings are facing inside

What is used on string instruments to make a sound?

A musician playing a string instrument produces sound from it by either plucking the strings (an action called pizzicato) or by rubbing a bow across the strings (an action called arco).

What makes a harps soundthe thikness of the string or the leangth of the string?

The strings on the harp vibrate, that vibration resonates in the sound board. The thichnes and the length of the string, as well as the material and construction of the string determine frequency. Thicker and longer strings make for a lower pitch sound. Shorter and thinner strings have height pitch. The sound board amplifies the sound, and also gives the tone a character.

How many strigs have balalaika?

It has three strings. The first string is tuned A and it usually a metal string. The 2 and 3 string are tuned E and are usually made out of nylon or gut. The three strings together make a wonderful tone that is usually played in an orchestra and or a solo.

Why are your bass strings hard?

the bass strings have to be thicker than guitar strings because a string needs to be thicker to accomodate more bass. This could make it seem like theyre "hard"

When was the first string instrument made?

once upon a time there was a dog he had strings he make the cello the end

What are rhyming strings?

What words rhyme with the given words to make a string. Like hat, mat, sat,