What kind of tennis shoes do you wear for pe?

As a Elementary Physical Education Teacher I require that all of my students wear athletic tennis shoes or shoes that are flat, have slip free rubber soles, backs, completely covered top, and fit snuggly onto the foot. P.E. has changed to more of a fitness model over the past five or so years and the children are moving in the gym or outside 70% or more of their P.E. time. On top of that some states like Texas (where I teach) have no laws in place as to how many students we can see at a time so it's gets really crowded in the gym. Children have a difficult time with spacial awareness so they often don't watch where they are going and collide or step on one another even with the strictest of rules. So for the safety of your child please send them to school on P.E. days in the proper shoes. We do not allow Crocs, boots, flip flops, or loose skater shoes or those cute tennis shoes girls wear that have an open top and or slippery soles. Your best bet is to buy athletic tennis shoes so there will be no questions. My female students often bring their shoes in their backpacks and change before P.E. if they don't want to wear them all day. Hope this helps.