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Mostly small animal such as rodents ( mice, rats, etc.). If they have to they will also kill and eat rabbit and squirrel.

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Foxes like to eat Chickens and Pigeons.any kind they can kill

Arctic foxes and red foxes will kill and eat ermine occasionally.

Foxes kill and eat small rodents such as mice and or rats. They will also eat rabbit if they have to. Foxes will also eat berries making them omnivores. Foxes are mostly scavengers. Note: Foxes will also eat birds and their eggs.

Fennec foxes eat rodents such as mice.

Coyotes eat foxes. Coyotes are faster and bigger. Coyotes are their only predator.Cougars and coyotes kill foxes

Foxes eat rodents, mostly the small kind. For example rats, mice, lemmings, hares, squirrels, voles etc.

Yes, foxes eat lots of different types of veggies. My foxes' favorite kind seems to be green beans!

Foxes don't really eat plants, however they may feed on berries.

Yes, foxes frequently will kill and eat weasels.

For fur. People don't eat fox.

no they may attack but not kill

If it is a wild dog, dogs and foxes eat the same thing.

It can depend. Usually, foxes would try to avoid snakes and snakes foxes. But, if the two were to get in a fight, there are too many variable to come up with an answer. Foxes can kill rattlesnakes, but it can also be the other way around.

Wolves usually don't bother foxes at all. In the Arctic though wolves kill foxes on sight and then eat them. They don't kill them on sight. And they don't usually eat foxes because foxes are not usually considered prey unless prey is scarce. They may kill one though if it is thretening the wolf cubs, or caught feeding on a wolf's kill. And because they aren't in direct competition so tey wouldn't fight over a carcass.

Young foxes eat several different animals. Some things that the foxes eat are skunks, chicken and bird eggs, squirrels, and possums.

because they can kill them if they think the fox will attack their young or if they feel threatened, they can kill them they dont have to eat them.

red foxes will eat any kind of chipmunk they can catch ~ really any small rodent will do! they primarily eat different types of rabbits, though.

Larger foxes may attempt to kill and eat a raccoon, especially younger animals.

sometimes when they don't have anything to eat they can eat anything

No. A wolf will not eat any foxes. They might kill then ONLY if the fox attacked the wolf. That is because a fox is a cousin to wolves.

Hardly ever do wolves kill foxes - only when they are very hungry do they kill them.

Golden Eagle, Bald Eagle, Vultures and other large birds of prey are known to eat foxes.

I dont think they have a preference

There is many species that eat and of course kill mice. There are foxes, snakes, possoms, racoons, and any other small creature.

No, foxes do not eat other foxes.

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