Chevy Camaro Z28

What kind of transmission fluid does a 1991 camaro manual transmission need?


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A 1991 Chevy Camaro with a manual transmission needs Dexron II ATF fluid. It provides lubricant and cooling to the transmission.


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Should be a plug at the side of the transmission - fill to this level

The ONLY transmission that came in the 1991 350 Z28 was a four speed Automatic 700R4. IF it has a manual it was added by someone.

Dextron 3 automatic transmission fluid. now known as domestic automatic transmission fluid. Yes it is a manual but they used the same stuff. It just lubricates the needle berrings.

The transmission fluid capacity for a 1991 S10 5 speed manual transmission is approximately 3 quarts. This can be purchased at any auto parts store.

For ease of shifting, dexron transmission fluid is best. the other alternative is 80/90w gear oil.

Should be a plug on the side of the transmission - fill to this level

I belive the transmission will take sincromesh fluid found and any gm dealer and your transfer case will take dexatron III fluid.

The automatic transmission fluid dipstick is in the engine compartment , near the firewall , just to the passenger side of the engine . The manual transmission fluid level is checked under the vehicle at the transmission fill plug on a 1991 Ford F-250

The 1992 2.3L 5 Speed required Mercon Automatic Transmission Fluid. That's right, you need to put ATF in the manual transmission.

Auto uses Dextron Manual uses 80w90

Should be a drain plug at bottom of transmission Should be a fill plug at side of transmission - fill to this level

The 1991 Ford Probe does not have a transmission fluid intake reservoir. All of the transmission fluid is contained in the transmission.

there is not a dipstick on a manual transmission

There are two types of transmission fluid used by this car. For a manual transmission us 75W90 GL5 gear oil, and for an automatic use DEXRON-III.

SAE 75/90 (synthetic is better but not required)

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Use only genuine Honda ATF-Z1 transmission fluid. Do not use any other fluid no matter what anyone tells you is a substitute. There is no substitute for this fluid and the use of any other fluid will cause your Honda transmission to not shift properly. If you have a manual transmission, contact a Honda dealer for the correct lube or read your owners manual.

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