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What kind of transmission fluid to use on a 1989 Honda CRX si?


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If its a 89 Honda CRX si wih manual transmission, use genuine Honda MTF. You can purchase it at any Honda or Acura dealer near you.

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Honda manual transmission fluid, from the dealer.

You need a Honda transmission fluid, and I am not being a wise guy

Yea the Transmission Fluid is called special Honda civic stuff fluid thingy

what kind of transmission fluid does a 5 speed manual honda civic take?

If your Accord is an automatic, use the Honda automatic transmission fluid. With a manual, the Honda manual transmission fluid. I'd strongly suggest using genuine Honda fluid over a substitute.

Use only genuine Honda DW-1 automatic transmission fluid and nothing else.

Motor Oil 10W30 2.6Qts Macs Transmissions (Houston, TX) 281-394-4951

Honda manual transmission oil, go to your Honda dealer.

you could use regular transmission fluid.

Use only genuine Honda ATF-Z1 transmission fluid. Do not use any other fluid no matter what anyone tells you is a substitute. There is no substitute for this fluid and the use of any other fluid will cause your Honda transmission to not shift properly. If you have a manual transmission, contact a Honda dealer for the correct lube or read your owners manual.

Use only OEM Acura/Honda ATF DW-1 automatic transmission fluid. Do not use any other fluid that claims to be compatible.

You will use manual transmission fluid for Honda's in the 1997 Honda Civic LX. Any auto parts store should carry the correct kind.

Use only genuine Honda ATF-Z1. Do not use any substitute that claims to be a replacement or your transmission may not shift correctly.

It may or may not use transmission fluid. It may use transmission gear oil. Listed in your owner's manual. Any shop can provide this info.

Automatic: Honda Premium ATF or DEXRON Type III.Manual: Honda Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF) or SAE 10W-30 engine oil.Rear Differential (if equipped with AWD): Honda CVT fluid

manual tranny doesnt have fluid u noob manual tranny doesnt have fluid u noob

Critical!! Use only genuine Honda ATF Z1 transmission fluid. Do not use any other fluid no matter what anyone tells you. There is no substitute, and using any other fluid will cause poor shifting.

lubeguard transmission fluid is RED, BLUE , OR GREEN.

2005 Hyundai accent needs what kind of transmission fluid?

Manual transmission fluid is MERCON automatic transmission fluid.

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